XKCD: News Substitutions

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With all the drama surrounding the Fake News epidemic in the USA, I decided to write up a longread on all the whining regarding Hillary’s loss. (I wrote it up in Dutch, sorry – that happens sometimes). In doing so I came across a wonderful Chrome Extension that makes reading the news – including Fake News – much more fun.

What the app does is substitute certain words and you can add substitions of your own. So, let’s say you’re reading a lengthy article about “Syria”? You can open the option in the app and then substitute “Syria” for “Shithole”. Give it a try, it’s delicious fun.

The app comes with default substitutions, some of which can be seen here.


I have it turned on as a default and it substitutes “Space” for “Spaaaace” 🙂

One click on the icon and you turn it off.

You can find the actual app in the Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome Webstore: XKCD - Substitutions