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Writer is a distraction free text-editor. I am using it as a free app in my Chrome browser. I use it both on my Chromebook as well as on an old Windows machine. Writer allows you to create, edit, store, organize and export text-documents.

Writer works both online and offline. When working online you simply open up the app, log into your Writer-account (or log in using your Google account, or an OpenID account) and begin writing. Your files are securely stored online. When working offline you don’t log in. You can immediately begin writing. The next time you’re online, log in and your offline work syncs to the servers, adding to your online work.

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Writer has a very clean, minimalistic interface.

It does come with very cool and useful features. You can set: line-spacing, font-type, font-size, background color. This determines your interface, so it’s important to get this “right”. If you are going to be writing, that means hours behind that screen. Making sure your workspace is styled nicely makes sense.

Documents assume the title of the first few words in the document, so make sure your documents begin with a title of sorts. Your documents are securely stored in encrypted servers. You can create/keep as many documents as you like. Yes, you read that right. Unlimited secure storage, accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time.

I find that ideal for musings, doodles, ideas, blarb. Whenever you get an idea, or just want to fume?’

Just open up Writer and jot down your thoughts. All documents are instantly autosaved.

You can export documents in various formats. My personal favorite is a “handshake” between Writer and WordPress. You can export documents from Writer straight into WordPress. Simply click export, select WordPress, insert your WordPress credentials and name of your website. The Writer documents then appear in WordPress as untitled draft-posts. This makes writing a blog, for instance, very easy. Write up your texts in Writer, export those into WordPress and then do your styling/layout and adding of media and other content in WordPress.

I’ve found it greatly speeds things up.

You can set up multiple accounts with Writer. So you can use one for your blog for instance and one under your real name for your journal, or what have you. Your offline works syncs with the 1st Writer account you log into when you get online.

I am using the free version. The pro version comes with additional features which are worth checking out – a thesaurus, export options to Google Drive and Dropbox, to name but a few. There are several other features. I am not using any of them. I am using it as a bare bone text-editor and it’s fantastic at that !

Writer is very lightweight. You can type like a maniac while keeping other tabs and apps open, both online and offline. I am using it for this blog, where I try to write daily… I am using it for my book (which requires a .txt export so I can proofread and style elsewhere) and I am going to be using it for more “formal” communication (a complaint letter to the government or my daughter’s school for instance).

I like the fact that Writer is “detached” from everything. It’s not a part of my blog, it’s not a part of my Google cloud. I like the idea of keeping the things I write – the raw unpublished materials – completely separate from everything else.

Now… why is this called “The Internet Typewriter”?

As a default, Writer is set up like an old terminal from the late 1970s, early 1980s. The black background with green letters? You can also style this to go for the orange letters or the light blue letters, just like old terminals used to have.

And yes… you can add typewriter sounds to your typing. You can choose between an electric typewriter and a manual typewriter. The sound as you’re typing … is intoxicating. It’s a really cool feature. I like old typewriter sounds. I will either turn the volume up, or let the sounds flow in the background while listening to music.

I compare it to the sound a bicycle-chain makes when you’re cycling. The constant sound makes you go further and faster. Something similar happens when you hear the rickety-tick and cling of the Internet Typewriter.

Should you encounter problems and require support?

An email will bring you to an exceedingly polite support-desk that answers queries within 24 hours.

Want to get hooked on… sorry… acquainted with Writer?

(Click on the logo)

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The functionality, the style, the minimalistic interface… it’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

Enjoy !