WikiLeaks: CIA Dump: Blame The Russians!

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That went fast.

WikiLeaks publication of the CIA’s hacking arsenal smells kind of “Russian”.

The Guardian: To security establishment, WikiLeaks’ CIA dump is part of US-Russia battle.

It’s just absolutely brilliant.

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So when WikiLeaks published the Democrat’s emails?

Well… they were obviously helping Trump, because Assange hates Hillary and… well he likes Putin.

And now that they published the CIA’s hacking arsenal?

Well, that’s tricky, they are obviously not helping Trump.

His administration has been riddled with leaks.

Trump has been bitching and fuming about leaks.

And hating Hillary cannot possibly be a motive here.

So... what do we then have left?

In the Washington security establishment, however, the leaks are being viewed more as the latest battle in a struggle between US and Russian intelligence services being played out in the US political arena – a fight in which WikiLeaks is widely seen as sitting firmly in Moscow’s corner.

CCCP Propaganda

Got that?

The Russians have been working with WikiLeaks during the Presidential campaign as well.

It’s why we now view WikiLeaks with “scepticism”.

The Russians hacked and then gave all Hillary’s emails to WikiLeaks.

(The actual content of the emails doesn't really matter in the objective Guardian).

“Moscow most likely chose WikiLeaks because of its self-proclaimed reputation for authenticity. Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries,” the agencies found.

And when “agencies” “find” something?

Well then it’s 100% true and scientifically proven, of course.

Russian War Propaganda

“There is a lot of circumstantial evidence of the links between Assange and Russia,” said Susan Hennessey, a former NSA lawyer now at the Brookings Institution. “It’s certainly not a coincidence that Russian military intelligence selected WikiLeaks as a distribution platform for its Democrats hack.”

“WikiLeaks’ involvement creates a reason for suspicion. It has committed itself to putting out material that is harmful to western interests, but has assiduously avoided releasing material that could be perceived as damaging to Russian interests.”

… said the former NSA lawyer, now Brookings lawyer as an objective specialist, with no apparent political affiliation and/or agenda of her own.

It’s a wonderful piece of propaganda.

Don’t talk about the contents of the CIA documents, focus on the Russians.

It’s beginning to be debated on CNN.

Prepare for complete madness, speculation and wild conspiracy theories such as from the Guardian and the Brookings Institute.