Wetenschap… Sorry… Sexisme Op De Universiteit Van Cambridge

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Oh geweldig.

Ik kwam dit gisteren tegen.

The Independent: Cambridge University examiners told it is sexist to use the word ‘genius’ to describe students.

Ja. Het staat er echt.

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Cambridge University examiners have been warned against using words such as “flair”, “brilliance” and “genius” when assessing students’ work because they are associated with men, an academic has revealed. Lucy Delap, a lecturer in British History at the top-ranking institution, said History tutors are discouraged from using the terms because they “carry assumptions of gender inequality”. She told The Telegraph: “Some of those words, in particular genius, have a very long intellectual history where it has long been associated with qualities culturally assumed to be male.

Bravo Deugridder!

Maar het wordt nog veel leuker.

“We’re rewriting our first two years of our History degree to create a wider set of paper choices,” she explained, “to make assessment criteria clearer, and to really try and root out the unhelpful and very vague talk of ‘genius’, of ‘brilliance’, of ‘flair’ which carries assumptions of gender inequality and also of class and ethnicity.“

Oh, je bent de geschiedenis aan het herschrijven?

Wat een leuke, zinvolle en vooral wetenschappelijke bezigheid, zeg?!?

Are U Insane

The War On Language continues....

En als je bepaalde woorden verbiedt?

Dan verdwijnt sexisme vanzelf.

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Misschien moeten we het woord "kanker" verbieden?