Uit Zweeeden! (Zoek De Verschillen)

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De propagandisten van het NRC hebben recent de situatie in Zweden “onderzocht”.

De eindconclusie was helder.

NRC: Nee, Zweden is geen ‘mislukte staat’.

Yay. SlimK1nd is radicaal-rechtse media geworden.
Dank u wel meneer NRC!

Ondanks dit edict blijkt de situatie een klein vleugje anders in elkaar te steken.

Frontpage Mag: ‘SWEDISH CONDITIONS’ / Diagnosing a deadly disorder.

A few recent news items provide illustrative examples of what it means to be living under “Swedish conditions”:

On March 10, it was reported that despite longtime plans, there would not be a new police station in Rinkeby, a notoriously unsafe immigrant neighborhood in Stockholm. Not a single construction firm had put in a bid for the project. Why? Because, as several police officers told SVT News, “it’s much too dangerous to build a police station in the area.”

On March 12, Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke, said in a TV interview that the 150-odd jihadists who have returned to Sweden after fighting for ISIS should not be investigated, let alone prosecuted, but should instead be welcomed back and encouraged to integrate – by which she seemed to mean offering various welfare incentives and assorted freebies. (Such enticements, incidentally, would be perfectly in line with Swedish practice.)

On April 5, after Sweden’s TV4 reported that a Muslim school in Vällingby was forcing girls to sit in the back of the school bus, Victoria Kawesa, head of a party called Feminist Initiative, blamed it not on Islam but on the “global patriarchy.”

Dat klinkt allemaal reuze goed.

Daarna krijgen we twee vrij schrijnende verhalen van mensen die in dergelijke wijken wonen.

Het is allemaal om te huilen, zo erg.

So it goes. On March 9, Jerzy Sarnecki, a criminology professor at Stockholm University, said that the precipitous rise in violence among Muslim gangs in Swedish cities has nothing – nothing, mind you! – to do with Islam or immigration: no, it’s all caused by social ills that are, in turn, the fault of Swedish society at large. Another criminology professor, Leif G. W. Persson, blamed gang violence on the police.

Nothing To Do W/ Islam

A March 11 editorial in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten succinctly spelled out the whole problem with “Swedish conditions”: what should “most worry Sweden’s neighbors,” the paper’s editors wrote, is the Swedes’ “unwillingness to openly and honestly discuss the government-approved multicultural idyll….In the long run, the mendacity that characterizes the Swedish debate cannot be maintained. The discrepancy between the official, idealized version of Sweden, ‘the people’s home,’ and the brutal reality that everyone can see has simply become too great.”

Don’t. Say. The. “M-word”.