Türk Nazi Uygulamasi (Turkish Nazi Practices)

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I am sure Sultan Erdogan is not gonna like this.

I found a great article by Robert Fisk.

The Independent: It is President Erdogan’s Turkey, not humane Germany, that is guilty of ‘Nazi practices’.

There is some lovely stuff here.

It’s that Erdogan’s own nation stayed heroically neutral in World War Two. Even though the Brits helped to train Turkish pilots in 1940, Ismet Inonu, Erdogan’s more diplomatic predecessor at the time, actually sent Turkish officers to occupied Europe as guests of the Nazi Reich to tour the Eastern Front and the Atlantic Wall opposite Britain – a happy trip during which, so the Turkish visitors later reported, they were treated with much respect and given unexpected access to Wehrmacht military planners.

Oh they liked the Wehrmacht did they?

The Nazis, whom Erdogan pretends to hate so much, rather liked Turkey. Not only did Turkey stay neutral in the war, but the Nazi newspaper Volkischer Beobachter and other Reich dailies had, since the early 1930s, devotedly praised the “Turkified” state which had emerged from the ruins of the First World War. This was a thinly-layered reference to Ottoman Turkey’s “racial purity” after the genocide of one and a half million of its minority Christians in 1915 – a holocaust which deeply influenced Hitler in his own decision to destroy the Jews of Europe.

This gets better.

In several newspaper interviews before the war, Hitler referred to Europe’s own forgetfulness of the Armenian massacres. He even asked who “now remembers” them, in a meeting with his generals before invading Poland in 1939 – an open invitation to kill Jews, who then constituted 30 per cent of the population of Warsaw alone. Several of Hitler’s diplomats and Wehrmacht officers had earlier been advisers to the Ottoman Turks and actually witnessed the Armenian killings in 1915. They later turned up in the occupied Soviet Union as German officers after June of 1941, where the Einsatzgruppen murdered Jews by the tens of thousands. 

Got that?

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