Trump, the Russians, Europe, the Germans… and the Bomb?

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I am not kidding.

Germany doesn’t particularly like Trump. After the madness that was Baby Bush, the crash of 2008, Obama’s NSA program spying on the Chancellor’s phone and German Intelligence getting (illegally obtained) NSA information on their own citizens…  Well let’s just say that Germany is not particularly fond of US policies. They play nice of course, because of the Transatlantic Alliance and all, but in reality the relationship is pretty cool. The US maintains seventeen (17) military bases in Germany

I found this wonderful article in The Washington Post.

In the era of Donald Trump, Germans debate a military buildup.

Because of well… y’know Trump and the ehm… y’know the Russians….

Germany is going to increase their military budget by 8%.

Debate about a stronger German military has been going on for a while.

Germany is one of the biggest economic powers in the world.

They can afford to spend money on a military industry.

With Trump in the White House, they may even…

(Wait for it).

… Need their own nuclear deterrent.

That’s right.

A German nuclear bomb.