The Trump Administration Hits The Ground ehm… Running? (That Ol’.J. Feeling)

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It’s been great fun having Donald J. Trump in the White House.

Besides being a total douchebag, he’s appeared clueless on pretty much everything. His cabinet is shaping up to be a collection of religious nuts, climate-change deniers, evolution deniers, anti-abortion, pro-gun, filthy rich entitled idiots who are going to wreck havoc on the US middle class (and anything and anybody they don’t particularly like eds.)

The US “media” loathes the new President.

They’ve been attacking… sorry “reporting” every single thing he does or says and it’s been hilarious.

I can watch snippets here and there from NBC, CBS and Fox online from time to time, but I have full access (via cable TV) to CNN and it’s been amazing. The “mood” on CNN reminds me a lot of the O.J. Simpson “Trial of the Century” days in the 1990s. I try to watch some CNN, usually afternoons, as the US wakes up. CNN at EU morning hours are simply too much for me.

It’s people just flabbergasted, confused and therefore frustrated and angry at pretty much everything Donald Trump does. They (sensationally) “report” on anything. The Trump Administration apparently has a tremendous amount of leaks, so everything that takes place in the White House drops on CNN within a few hours of it actually happening and then it’s either reported as “breaking news” or as a “developing story”.

It seems each day brings new drama.

It has a distinct “Big Brother”-element to it all.

CNN’s Political news has become a reality show.

… And they have a wonderful cast of characters.

I call it…

That Ol’.J. Feeling.

OJ Simpson CNN Sign

The new White House Press Secretary – Sean Spicer – started his new role by kicking the media in the teeth and hasn’t really stopped since.

He’s low on facts, high on… well I don’t know what he’s high on.

KellyAnne Conway, already one of the “breakout stars” of the Trump Campaign, has been terrific as well.

She explained that the Trump Administration will work using “alternative facts”.

She invented a terrorist attack slash massacre that never happened.

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Donald Trump has been fuming and picking fights with the strangest of people. The PM of Australia, Mexico (over the wall), gays, lesbians, liberals, women, minorities, judges, the intelligence community, Congress, the media, Arnold Schwarzenegger… just whomever he feels like. It’s making allies and enemies very nervous, but it’s great fun to watch.

The National Prayer Breakfast was my favorite moment last week.

Donald J. Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, by a few million votes. He’s been very angry over that. He’s been claiming that he only lost the popular vote because “3 million illegals” voted. Some summary investigation was unable to verify these numbers, if, when and how this illegal voting happened or where. The media has been pressuring the Trump Administration to back these claims up with “data”, but that’s just not going to happen. Bill O’Reilly asked President Trump specifically about this data, can you back it up, and when?

Trump said: “Forget data, forget all that”.

Forget. Data?

Vice President Mike Pence will head up an official “Commission” which is now going to investigate “voter fraud”.


Because Trump has been throwing a Twitter-tantrum.

And when the Commander-in-Chief throws a Twitter-tantrum about “3 million illegals”?

His evil minions start running.

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I cannot wait for his crazy cabinet to get sworn in and begin the arduous task of making America great again.

(By cutting taxes for the rich, relaxing finance laws and spending crazy amounts on militarism, while removing programs that help the majority of the population, further increasing already horrendous US inequality, as we all head for another lovely financial meltdown).

President Trump’s most controversial decision has been the “Muslim Travel Ban”.

I found a wonderful article by Ayaan Hirshi Ali, formerly of the Netherlands.

Huffington Post: Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Trump is right about Radical Islam

I agree with her, I think it’s a well balanced, well thought out article.

The ban, which affected a few hundred people, is a dumb fucking idea.

Donald Trump will escalate the War on Terror, I am quite sure of it.

Although I like the idea of a harsher line on Radical Islam, not just on “terrorists”, I seriously doubt it will do any good.

By escalating the US will only create more terrorists and more animosity towards the US and “the west” in general.

Sam Harris recently stated: If Donald Trump does anything good on the threat posed by Radical Islam it will be by accident.

I think Donald Trump is incapable of doing anything good, or decent.

He’s simply too strange, too incompetent.

I’ve stated elsewhere: I would not let Donald J. Trump make me scrambled eggs.


Because he’d fuck up the eggs and wreck the kitchen,

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