The Guardian: Waarom Zijn De Bananen Krom? (Ramadan Geweld)

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Ik kwam dit gisteren tegen, maar had helaas geen tijd.

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The Guardian: What is fuelling Islamic State’s wave of Ramadan violence?


Waar zou dat geweld toch door komen?

Intensity and scope of onslaught has surprised many, but Isis has long favoured launching attacks over holy month


Waarom dan?

Even before the start of the Muslim holy month two weeks ago, attacks claimed by Islamic State (Isis) were bringing death and destruction. On 22 May, a suicide bomber outside a pop concert in Manchester killed 22 people. The bloodiest attack in the UK for 12 years, it marked only the beginning of a wave of violence stretching across half the planet.

Nou een keukentrapje is gevaarlijker en vroeger had je ook terrorisme, met de IRA en Molukkers en….

Wacht… halve planeet?

Since then, gunmen in Egypt have opened fire on a convoy of Coptic Christian pilgrims. In Nigeria, the Isis affiliate Boko Haram launched an attack on a regional capital in the country’s north-east. In the Philippines, the government fought hundreds of gunmen linked to Isis to regain control of a city. In Baghdad, Isis militants bombed families queuing for ice cream. In Kabul a truck bomb blamed on Isis killed 150. Three men killed eight people and injured more than 50 in the centre of London using a van and knives. Twelve died in a startling attack in Iran. In Australia and in Paris, there have been lone attackers claiming to be Isis members.

Volgens mij waren er nog veel meer aanslagen.

Of waren dit de leukste?

The intensity and scope of this onslaught surprised analysts and officials. Ramadan was favoured by Isis to launch attacks long before the group surged to global prominence. But since the group’s capture of swaths of territory in the core of the Middle East and its declaration of a new caliphate in 2014, the holy month has always seen an upsurge of violence.

Ik dacht dat Ramadan vooral over bezinning ging?

Alle domme vragen en speculatie en “surprise” van the Guardian ten spijt.

Ik was niet verrast.

De score sinds gisteren.


What is fuelling this violence around Ramadan?
Dat is echt de vraag?

Nou… ik denk… dat Islam er iets mee te maken heeft.

En Allah.

En de Koran.

En Jihad en zo.

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