Take A Journey With Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook

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I don’t use Facebook.

I never have.

And I never will.

I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t check people or organizations out on Facebook.

I don’t read news there.

Or anything else.


I don’t want to share anything really personal online.

Sure I write and share posts and stuff, but I try to keep myself, my real self offline.

Sharing images and one’s personal life via Facebook always seemed odd to me.

Facebook Logo

Law enforcement- and intelligence agencies the world over love Facebook.

Large corporations, especially advertisers, love Facebook.

Facebook contains 1.5 billion user-profiles.

Not all of those are real people. Some are family-accounts, corporate-accounts, groups, special wedding-day Facebook page, etc.

Facebook is crazy huge. It’s just massive.

And it’s making money, lots of it.

Money Bag

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has become a worldwide celebrity.

He’s very vocal, and often in the media.

I get the idea that he views himself and his company as world-transforming.

I never really liked him, I find most of his “projects”, speeches and lectures (you can find plenty online) pretentious drivel.

He comes off as preachy, fake and forced.

He recently “penned” a 5.700 word op-ed of sorts.

I am sharing it here.

And I am now redirecting you to Facebook.

My thoughts follow below.

Mark Zuckerberg: Building Global Community

Supportive, Safe, Informed, Civically-Engaged and Inclusive?

In a way I am glad he didn’t immediately use the word “diversity”.

Supportive groups I am going to skip. What he is describing is no different than a fucking bulletin-board from the late 1980s, early 1990s.

People form hobby-groups. One about dogs, one about chess and one about breast-cancer.

You don’t say? 


Safe groups. Well yes, if your phone is working and you are in the middle of some major disaster?

You can let your friends know, via Facebook, that you are safe.

Since your phone is working? You can also call or text them.

And – I am guessing here – they probably already called you?

Since your phone was working?

I like the Amber alerts, I say these need to be spread via all social networks, so that includes Youtube, Twitter, etc.

But then it becomes a bit scary.

And we’ve built infrastructure to work with public safety organizations around the world when we become aware of these issues. Going forward, there are even more cases where our community should be able to identify risks related to mental health, disease or crime.

So, if Facebook? Or if some algorithm decides that you fall into category “mental health, disease, or crime”-risk?

Then your data, profile, name etc. is sent to “public safety organizations” such as the cops, or medical health professionals, your parents or your school-principal?

Surveillance Book

Now, humans cannot possible monitor 1,5 billion accounts, so.

Looking ahead, one of our greatest opportunities to keep people safe is building artificial intelligence to understand more quickly and accurately what is happening across our community.

Sure, like a snitch-machine?

Here to keep “us” safe

I am sorry Dave.
I cannot do that.

Hal 9000 transparent

The Informed community apparently needs a lot of guidance. Like little children, Mark doesn’t want them to get hurt. (He recently became a parent himself, y’know?) Mark is deeply concerned about polarization and what type of content (“news”) people view online (via Facebook). So Mark feels that AI and various vague other concepts, will help tweak? that content and make it more of a “range” but also more “diverse”? My guess is Facebook is gonna find some way to block, censor content. Either make sure it doesn’t show up in search results or just outright block it. Why? Well didn’t you read? Mark is deeply worried about “sensationalism in media” – as well.

It could lead to a horrible disaster if we were to get our content unfiltered.

The Civically-engaged community seems to be more of the same Supportive community. People form groups, or can subscribe to topics and/or issues and then engage there? That’s just user-groups or interest-groups. Not particularly exciting, even if you constantly keep using the word “community” until it makes us vomit in our mouth a bit. It’s not exactly Liquid Democracy or even Direct Democracy that we’re talking about here.

We then move to the Inclusive community, Mark has some great ideas.

Building an inclusive global community requires establishing a new process for citizens worldwide to participate in community governance. I hope that we can explore examples of how collective decision-making might work at scale. Facebook is not just technology or media, but a community of people. That means we need Community Standards that reflect our collective values for what should and should not be allowed.

That’s right!

Nod Yes Icon

We need standards.

For private behavior in our free time.

What we do online with our friends, family and interest-groups requires standards.

And who better than Mark Zuckerberg, an entitled, filthy rich billionaire, quasi-progressive celebrity to tell us this?

Since the birth of his daughter?
Mark has also rediscovered religion.
He was an atheist.
But apparently he now firmly belies in God again.

It must be nice if something that doesn’t exist can all of a sudden exist, simply because Mark changed his mind.

This is the guy we want building AI?

Long story short. People have gone completely ape-shit and identity politics is rampant. This means that everybody and I do mean almost everybody is constantly screaming their fucking heads off: I AM OFFENDED I AM OFFENDED I AM OFFENDED. And yes, a lot of that screaming happens, originates even, on Facebook. People are constantly offended and whining about pretty much everything.

Luckily Mark is here to guide us through this murky territory.

The guiding principles are that the Community Standards should reflect the cultural norms of our community, that each person should see as little objectionable content as possible, and each person should be able to share what they want while being told they cannot share something as little as possible. The approach is to combine creating a large-scale democratic process to determine standards with AI to help enforce them.

Nod Yes Icon


It really says that.

The idea is not to show all content, let alone good, or interesting, or thought-provoking content.


The idea is to show “as little objectionable content as possible”.


I cannot fucking walk to the bus (5 mins) without seeing “objectionable content”. I don’t like the hedges, the road, graffiti, what some woman is wearing, a smelly dog, the fuck weather, the loud noises from the traffic, crazy pink-glitter children screaming about something, the garbage-bin on the corner, which is yet again, overflowing, that dumb guy, with the two pairs of glasses, glued to his phone etc.

Objectionable content?

Dear Mark,


Is objectionable content.

I know you're new to this parenting thing?
But as a single dad, with a young daughter?
You're gonna see loads of objectionable content.

Nod Yes Icon

Get a grip.

Stoepkrijt Icon

My takeaway?

Mark Zuckerberg is not quite as crazy as Steve Jobs?

But he’s getting there.

Give him time.

Zuckerberg Hope

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