Star Wars Rant: In Defense Of Kathleen Kennedy

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I’ve been asked, told and cajoled before: You should blog about more personal stuff (and not just scheld & tier about the media eds.).

You want personal?


… This is as personal as it gets.

Today I want to “talk” about…

Star Wars Logo


I am a huge fan.

I watched the original trilogy as a young boy and it made a lasting impression.

When the Special Editions came out, I went thru that process again, as a young married man.

The prequels were very different from the original trilogy, but it was great to have Star Wars back again.

And then…. silence.

As George Lucas was getting older he sold Lucasfilm to Disney for some insane amount (I believe it was 4 billion). It wasn’t about the money (though it does help). George was already a billionaire many times over. He wanted to make sure the stories, the rights and the characters would exist and continue long after his death. Lucasfilm became a Disney enterprise (just like Marvel) and Kathleen Kennedy was appointed first as co-chair (together with George Lucas) and then as President when George left and retired.

Kathleen Kennedy is a powerhouse in Hollywood.

I grabbed this from her wikipedia page.

Kathleen Kennedy (born June 5, 1953) is an American film producer.[1] In 1981, she co-founded Amblin Entertainment with Steven Spielberg and husband Frank Marshall. She was a producer on the 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and the Jurassic Park franchise, the first two of which became two of the top ten highest-grossing films of the 1990s. Kennedy is third only to Spielberg and Stan Lee in domestic box office receipts, with over $6 billion as of December 2015.[2]

On October 30, 2012, she became the president of Lucasfilm, and the brand manager of the Star Wars franchise, after The Walt Disney Company acquired the company for over $4 billion.[3] It was then announced that the first project under her authority would be Episode VII of the Star Wars saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was released on December 18, 2015, becoming the biggest domestic earner in North America.

Overall, Kennedy’s work has included over 60 films, 120 Academy Award nominations, and over $11 billion worldwide including three of the highest-grossing films in motion picture history.[4] One of her most recent projects, Lincoln, also produced by Spielberg, was nominated for seven Golden Globes and twelve Academy Awards.

I think Kathleen has done a terrific job!

The two movies that have so far come out were both absolutely amazing. Star Wars – The Force Awakens grossed more than 2 billion dollars worldwide and it became the highest grossing movie in US history. It’s a wonderful epic true Star Wars adventure, good vs. evil and a continuation of the Skywalker family and their particular role in the Force. The first standalone movie, Rogue One, is fantastic as well. It’s like a Dirty Dozen, commando unit on a secret mission type movie. I liked the story even better than The Force Awakens and that means a lot!

Kathleen’s responsibilities are intimidating.

She has to do a great job.

There are hundreds of millions of rabid fanboys (and girls and other eds.) out there who would digitally rip her head off if she screws up.

The “fact based” media would digitally rip her to shreds as well.

Kathleen has thus far seemed unphased by the pressure.

The Star Wars franchise’s upcoming movies have recently been in the news.

The two directors of the upcoming standalone Han Solo movie have recently been fired. Kathleen is the one who did the firing. The internet rumour machine seems quite confident that the two directors were making a mess of things and lacked structure and organization. Let’s say they were goofballs who didn’t quite grasp the magnitude of what it means to direct a standalone Han Solo movie. Kathleen obviously got tired of their shit. As the Brand Manager for Star Wars, arguable one of the highest rated “brands” in world history, she must make sure people get with the program and if they don’t? Well then you go bye bye. She has since hired industry veteran – and huge Star Wars fan – Ron Howard to replace the two fuckheads. The movie has since continued shooting and its production is getting great press again.

Part VIII: Star Wars – The Last Jedi will be released this December and I will (yet again, sigh) try to bribe my daughter to go and see it with me (which she will again refuse).

Part IX: Star Wars – as yet untitled is also in production. Colin Trevorrow was selected as Director after the huge success he had directing Jurassic World (the long awaited reboot of the Jurassic Park franchise). Steven Spielberg en co. sure liked what Colin did and Steven and Kathleen go way, way back. Colin seemed like a logical choice. Unfortunately Colin is a bit of a stubborn, bully type tyrant fuckhead. Reports indicate that he was quite keen on his own “vision” and felt that Star Wars (one of the world’s most valued and well liked brands) needed to adapt to his glorious brilliance. After numerous complaints and putting up with his shit for far too long, Kathleen told Colin to go fuck himself and fired him too.

Dumb fuckwit had what? One (1) whole successful movie?

Fuck him.

Two Thumbs Up

Now here comes the best part…

She has since hired J.J. Abrams, the Director of The Force Awakens, to complete this last trilogy.

He will write, co-produce and direct, just like he did on The Force Awakens.

This is absolutely fantastic news.

We know Kathleen and the Lucasfilm team work well with J.J. and we know he is quite up to the task.

There is an abject lesson here: Star Wars should not be left in the hands of young, upcoming and “hip” loudmouth Directors.

It should be left in the hands of seasoned professionals.

Way to go, Kathleen!