So… Which Superhero Movies Are You Gonna Avoid?

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I never go to the cinema. I stopped going ages ago. I find it too expensive, the movies aren’t particularly good. I don’t like children’s movies. I don’t have anybody “romantic” to go with. And I don’t like dark places with lots of strange people. I went to the Force Awakens because it was Star Wars and liked it. But it was a one time deal. I saw it early in the morning, on a weekday, to avoid lots of strange people.

do like movies, but I like to watch mine online, partly as background noise, partly for fun and fantasy.

We are facing a bombardment of upcoming superhero movies. Our year has just begun with the release of Black Panther (from the Marvel/Disney Extended Universe). We then get Deadpool 2 (from the 20th Century Fox X-Men Universe). Then we get Avengers, Infinity War, (also from Marvel/Disney) the first of two massive movies with LOADS of superheroes. (The second part will be released next year). We then get Ant-Man and the Wasp (again from Marvel/Disney). Then we get Venom (from the Sony/Spiderman in collaboration with Disney/Marvel). We then get X-Men, Dark Phoenix (from the 20th Century Fox X-Men Universe). And then finally we get Aquaman (from the DC Comics/Warner Universe). We then also get an animated CGI Spiderman movie and our year 2019 opens with Hellboy, another comic book/superhero, immediately followed by New Mutants in February 2019.

Let’s be honest people: It’s nuts!

Now all of those movies are fun and make loads of money, so they’re going to keep making them.

The various studios now must have their own “Universe”.

So officially Godzilla (2015) en Kong Skull Island (2017) are part of the same universe, with a new one coming out in 2018, Godzilla 2. That “Universe” is called “The Monsterverse”. And there is an official “Dark Universe” which has so far released Dracula Untold (which was fun) and The Mummy, with Tom Cruise, which was quite bad. Apparently they plan to make or are making Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, Wolfman and Van Helsing.

I personally like the “Monsterverse” the best. I really liked both Godzilla and Kong Skull Island. They made fun movies which you can watch several times.

We should probably also count Star Wars. Disney has big plans to greatly expand that “Universe” and have already begun to do so with two standalone films: Rogue One (which was terrific!) and Solo which will be released this May. Then next year the final installment of the original saga, Star Wars, part IX. Then there are plans for three (3) new Star Wars movies, digging into an entirely new galaxy far, far away.

This all got started by the tremendously successful Dark Knight Trilogy van Christoper Nolan. All three movies are fantastic. Especially the second one, the Dark Knight, which Heath Ledger as the Joker, which made more than a billion dollars. That success, all that money, started the people at Marvel thinking. Once they began to release their own movies, the flood gates were opened.

As movie fans we’re being spoiled, of course. There is simply no way all of these movies get the right amount of attention. Since there is such a push to make these types of movies, the hype surrounding them is often not very well deserved. A tremendous amount of superhero movies are simply bad. I never really liked X-Men. I liked the first one, but thought that things got bad by the second one. All that followed with different timelines and massive effects was just boring. I didn’t like the Wolverine series either. I’ve stopped watching the X-Men series, except for Deadpool, because it’s fun and different. The “Dark” Universe with Frankenstein and Wolfman? I am going to skip those entirely I seriously doubt that’s gonna be any fun. I am quite “done” with Marvel/Disney, but I am going to keep watching their movies, to see what they are like. They did a string of bad ones: Ant Man, Dr. Strange and Spiderman Homecoming. I thought all were pretty boring. But I am going to watch Black Panther, since the action and music looked awesome. And I will do check out the latest Avengers installment because there are 20+ superheroes in it. I will skip Aquaman. I will check out Venom (I hope they don’t fuck it up).

If you count all that up I will be watching some what? 10 movies? this year and next, just about superheroes.


If I add Star Wars and Monsters?

I am up to what, fourteen?

Needless to say if any or some of them are very good? I’ll watch them a couple of times.

What does that do with the movies themselves, with the genre?

Well… Steven Spielberg once said that he thought that superhero movies will go the way of the Western. Western movies with cowboys and indians used to be really popular. A lot were made. And then people got tired of those movies and now nobody really makes them any more. And when made, they don’t do very well, even for Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight. I think Spielberg is probably right. The ‘market’ is getting saturated by these movies which constantly feature the same heroes. Their “origin” story, or standalone movie will be fun enough but then we have to see them in collaborative efforts with their hero friends in movie after movie. At some point people are just going to get tired. So the trick is to constantly introduce new “heroes” (or monsters or what have you) and then pair them up with other heroes. In the olden days of Hollywood, the various studios had their own “stable”. (It was really called that). Their “stable” consisted of various “stars” and “starlets” who they would “use” for their “motion pictures”. Because of the various “Universes”, Hollywood pretty much functions like that again. Each “Universe” has a “stable” of “heroes” – actors who play them – and they milk them until they lose marketing value, become stale, or become too expensive. I personally cannot stand Robert Downey Jr. anymore. Why? Because I’ve seen him play the exact same character with the same tics and mannerisms just way too many times. It’s become so boring. And the character, Iron Man, has become boring. I don’t care about his various “struggles” and/or epic battles. I’d rather see some new heroes and villains. But  yes, even those new heroes will become stale and boring. Until all those movies just look and feel the same. And then they will disappear, just like the Western.

In the meantime, we’re booked till 2020 and beyond.

So which of these will you avoid?