So, when can I marry a robot?

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Robots are taking over the world.

Which is fine with me.

Just look at the fucking mess we made of this planet.

I’ve written extensively about it before.

The Guardian: Rise of robotics will upend laws and lead to human job quotas, study says.

Robot Army 2

Innovation in artificial intelligence and robotics could force governments to legislate for quotas of human workers, upend traditional working practices and pose novel dilemmas for insuring driverless cars, according to a report by the International Bar Association. The survey, which suggests that a third of graduate level jobs around the world may eventually be replaced by machines or software, warns that legal frameworks regulating employment and safety are becoming rapidly outdated. The competitive advantage of poorer, emerging economies – based on cheaper workforces – will soon be eroded as robot production lines and intelligent computer systems undercut the cost of human endeavour, the study suggests.

Ehm... yay?

While a German car worker costs more than €40 (£34) an hour, a robot costs between only €5 and €8 per hour. “A production robot is thus cheaper than a worker in China,” the report notes. Nor does a robot “become ill, have children or go on strike and [it] is not entitled to annual leave”.

That's it!
I am gonna marry a robot.

I’ll be a stay-at-home dad.

And Robowifey can go to fucking work.

Robot Wifey

I am the guy on the right.

What do you think of my Robowifey on the left?

She’s hot, no?