SK Series: Tin Star

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Well that turned out quite lucky.

I was kind of half watching this new series, but today (for some odd reason) all 10 episodes became available.

It’s all quite horrendous. An ex Irish cop becomes a sheriff in a remote Canadian area. An oil company comes in and begins drilling. The Sheriff and his family are attacked by a masked gunman. His young son is killed and his wife is severely injured. It’s a horrendous opening and I am just talking episode 1. From then on we see him slowly evolve towards revenge. It’s a very dark, slow moving thriller/drama. The locations, the snow, the wild and yes, Tim Roth as the sheriff coming apart… it’s all just awesome, but quite gruesome.

There is a poster here.


There is a trailer here.

And you can see all 10 episodes in full HD.

SK Series: Tin Star.