SK Series: Quarry

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I watched this series a while back.

Two veterans return from Vietnam. Both have been involved with a massacre and have recently been acquitted by a military tribunal. Because of that, neither of them can find a regular job. In the early 1970’s disgraced Vietnam vets were treated like dogshit. One of them goes into business with some criminals. He is killed on his first assignment. His friend, the other vet, helps him out. He is then picked up by the same criminal organization and becomes an enforcer/hitman for them.

This is a slow burning thriller/drama with fantastic scenery, gorgeous music, superb dialogue and terrific acting.


There is a trailer here.

And you can watch all episodes, in full HD, right here.

SK Series: Quarry.

This is a very dark series. Numerous horrendous things happen. Not, I repeat not, suited for young children.