SK Series: Gypsy

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Well this is not going to be pretty.

(Or nice, or civilized eds.)

I have quasi binge watched a new Netflix series called Gypsy.

There is a trailer here.

Naomi Watts plays a therapist, married with one child. Her hubby is successful too, they have plenty of cash, nice house, the works. The kid has “gender issues”. We know this mostly because people talk about those “gender issues” or mention those “gender issues”, but we don’t actually see any physical manifestation of those “gender issues”. The kid does look like a girl/boy or boy/girl, but I didn’t notice any particularly “gender issue” type behaviour.  Kid is maybe four, or five?

Naomi is slowly slutting online. She meets this singer/artist, ethnic, younger woman. She then kinda goes after the woman, forms a relationship with her. The woman doesn’t know Naomi is married and has the kid with the invisible “gender issues”. At exactly the same time, her hubby is kinda flirting, stepping out with his much younger colleague, also an ethnic lady. Hubby doesn’t cheat, wifey does. Wifey is being adventurous, but she does so, in a very depressing way.

Naomi Watts looks exceptionally unhealthy.

She is ridiculously skinny, it’s literally skin over bone. Her hands look bony, as do her shoulders, neck. She has the frame of a 14 year old, it’s just scary to look at. I found her to be whiny and needy. She’s also very depressing, she’s just slow and sluggish and terribly boowwwwring. I really found her hard to watch.

Her dialogue and “adventure” (affair?) come off as bowwwwring as well and quite whiny and depressing.

After loads of episodes where nothing particularly noteworthy happens, she enters infidelity stage quite tame, in episode fucking seven (out of ten!).

So that’s six episodes of bowwwwring and quite depressing and just dull grinding nothingness with an unhealthy Naomi Watts.

And then the infidelity episode.


From then on, it gets really boowwwwring….

It just kinda drags on, like some houseplant that just won’t fucking die.

There are some side stories, two of her patients and some around the kid, the school and the other white, affluent, entitled moms at the school.

But those just kinda happen and yea… they’re very boring and slow and sluggish.

We then get ep8 where a rumour spreads at hubby’s work that he did have sex with his ethnic assistant. Wifey meanwhile lies to a friend/colleague, hiding her own affair by claiming it is her husband she suspects is having the affair (with the sexy, younger, ethnic assistant). Hubby then all of a sudden buys a coffee from wifey’s girlfriend (she’s a barista, a real career). And he then plays one of the songs of wifey’s girlfriend on his phone. If I were to say, classify… the entire episode with a single word? I would have to say it was quite booowring and just slow and depressing.

Like old people deciding on things.

The show’s theme music is Gypsy by Stevie Nicks.

I am not that impressed with Fleetwood Mac (my mom used to like it, hence why) to begin with… but I must admit that by the time ep9 drags its fucking ass along… I was really grinding my fucking teeth at the fuking opening credits… my mind is just going: “Oh great, more dull, dense and slow nothingness from these depressing, boring people”.

In Ep9 the gender issues briefly come to the fore. A therapist declares the kid ADHD and gender confused and puts the kid on meds. Naomi Watts just nods. Hubby doesn’t like it.  A patient of hers disappears (and turned out to lying her ass off for numerous episodes about everything). There is a mini meltdown (with micro-aggression!) at the school. Hubby confronts his sexy, young ethnic assistant: she is the one who spread the rumour. The kid is nine (I finally paid attention). A passive aggressive dinner with her hubby, child and her mom (grandma). Crying, like against the wall, while running the shower (hiding her profound and visible pain).  Naomi’s girlfriend returns from a trip and they have a depressing – in the car – conversation. And her missing patient is now reported missing by the police which means trouble at work with the other psychiatrists.

It took forever, I ache all over.

It’s terribly boring.

But I am a big strong boy and I am gonna take one more episode of sheer, dull, grinding and depressing booowringness….

Naomi lies her way thru the work queries and police queries. One wouldn’t think this possible but the fucking show actually slows fucking down… so the pace becomes even more slow and dull and boring. After a gruellingly slow 20 minutes we – out of the blue – get this crazy nonsensical dream sequence. Hubby then (all of a sudden after drama and rumours at the office and him denying) goes for his sexy ethnic assistant, who rejects him.

Hubby confronts Naomi with her constant lying and behaviour. She lies her way through it by telling the story of the missing patient, whom she hid and work and the police (to hide her affair and many other lies). She does so brilliantly. She admits she kept her old apartment (eight years), and that she hid the patient there. Hubby doesn’t buy her lies anymore. She goes visit her mom and goes weep and wallow in her misery there. Hubby sleeps on the couch.

It then kinda dies… with some miserable sort of open ending.

(Wtth Naomi clearly still having the affair).

SK Series: Gypsy.



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