SK Series: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Family Weekend!)

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Our daughter doesn’t really watch movies or series with us anymore.

We’re way too boring and the stuff she likes is usually quite hard to sit through. She’d rather watch movies/series with her (teenage) friends.

(Which means we must hide in the bedroom).

(And be quiet).

This weekend we got lucky.

Netflix released “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”.

It’s a series of children’s books, quite exciting and scary.

I have not read the books, so I am unsure if it stays “true” to the books or anything like that.

The series is executive produced and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (from The Addams Family) and Daniel Handler, the original author of the books (he’s also the composer of some of the music, since he’s a musician).

It’s something to watch with the kid(s).

Series of Unfortunate Events Poster

Our little one begins her midterm exams after this weekend, so this is a perfect way to keep her indoors and calm.

There is a neat trailer here.

You can find all the episodes here in HD and a full review below.

SK Series: Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events


After the death of their parents the Baudelaire orphans (Klaus, Violet and Sunny) are placed in the care of Count Olaf, contrary to their deceased parents’ wishes. Count Olaf is an absolute monster who doesn’t care about them at all. He is really after their parents’ fortune. After two episodes of scheming, investigating and scientific methods – they foil his plans and escape his clutches.

It looks very expensive.

It has hints of indeed the Addams Family but also Tim Burton’s freakish visions. Terrific scenery, music and costumes.

It’s absurd and it looks goodActing is not impressive. Neither is dialogue.

Lemony Snicket is fun, he’s quite gloomy and down.

Unfortunately we were hit by a rather heavy snowstorm, so she little one went outside, leaving our Netflix binge, off to play with her friends. Keeping her indoors and calm before her midterms is working out just perfectly. The idea was to watch two (2) episodes each time and then take breaks so she can study. That is also working out exactly as planned.

Shaking No Emoticon


(Our frozen progeny is safely back indoors).

The Baudelaire orphans are not orphans at all. Their parents seem to have been kidnapped as part of some mysterious plot?!?!? The children briefly stay with Dr. Montgomery Montgomery (a friend of their parents). Unfortunately he is killed and the children are recaptured by Count Olaf.  Again the orphans manage to foil his plans using solid investigative methods.

The Baudelaire “orhpans” are off to Aunt Josephine, the next “guardian” in line.

Aunt Jospehine House

It all looks wonderful, but not a whole lot happens.


 Aunt Josephine (a complete nutbag) turns out to have worked with the Baudelaire parents for some secret organization. Count Olaf tracks them down and Josephine is killed. Again it appears as if Count Olaf is going to get the children but (yawn) again, they manage to escape.

It may look great, but it’s really boring.

The formula is a bit like this. Kids get shipped around, Count Olaf inserts himself via a clever disguise into their new “home” and tries to snatch them, All the while we get clever educational elements thrown in as the “mystery” expands. I actually downloaded the books and skimmed some through that? They seem a lot more fun and a great exercise for learning better English.

Nod Yes Icon

The little creature has headed off to her lair. She will finish the eps up there.

She loves it!

I skipped through the remainder of the eps.

I found it all quite mwoah.

It’s obviously been set up for more seasons to come.