SK Series: Surviving X-MAS 2016: Fortitude

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Dag allen,

Ik wens alle SlimK1nd lezers hele fijne dagen.

Dit is de jaarlijkse X-MAS post bij DailyFlix.

SK Series: DailyFlix – Surviving X-MAS 2016 – FORTITUDE

Fortitude Poster

I don’t want to come off as a complete dick, so of course +I will+ do various chores over the holidays.

Even though my ex "won" the toss fair and square.

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1.) Charge all the phones

2.) Charge the batteries for the cameras

3.) Take some pictures/shoot some video (I don’t upload/edit or create an album, I tend to postpone that till after the holidays)

4.) Bring plates/cutlery/cups/glasses back to the kitchen (it’s a good 3-4 steps from where I am sitting)

5.) Press the start button on the laundromat

6.) (IF #5 = complete) Press the start button on the dryer

7.) Skip through “Nocturnal Animals” (which just came out, it’s not very good)

8.) Pre-buffer the Golden State/Cleveland NBA game 720p/30fps so I can chromecast the entire game without hassle

9.) Powernap from say 4pm to 6pm

10.) Complain about my stomach, belly and belt so I can wear (stylish eds.) sweatpants all day