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Well… it’s here.

The first real female superhero movie.

Wonder Woman is part of DC’s Superhero Universe. They are in a competition with Marvel’s Universe. Marvel is by far the more successful, but DC is trying to catch up. Most of DC’s movies have been pretty grim and gloomy (so far). They opened with Man of Steel, which I thought was quite good. They followed it up with Suicide Squad, which is where life becomes really interesting. My teenage daughter absolute adores Harley Quinn and her and her little friends loved the movie. They watched it dozens of times; it was just ON all the time. After that we get Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which I think is a great movie. It’s very dark, great storyline, superb acting and dialogue and it runs for over three (3) hours.

Wonder Woman is an Amazon with superpowers who comes from some mystical island someplace far away.

Apparently she was “created” by Zeus himself.

She has a variety of weapons: a sword called “God Killer”, a lasso made of light that allows her to do all kinds of stuff and then she has this thick arm bracelets that allow her to absorb and direct energy.

She also has super strength so she can run, jump, kick and beat through walls, lift tanks and somewhat fly even.

Wonder Woman has been praised – and probably rightfully so – as being one of the best superhero movies thus far.

It’s also been praised for its feminism.

It’s has hints of some witty male/female banter, and those are fun, but I would not describe the movie as “feminist”.

It was mostly a marketing ploy, which the media endlessly repeated.

I’ve seen way more badass women, for instance Linda Hamilton, as Sarah Connor, in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Having said that… Wonder Woman is an absolutely lovely movie. It takes place during World War I. It’s a war, mystery, drama, comedy, action movie. It’s fast paced and it looks absolutely stunning. There are some action sequences in there where Wonder Woman is really fucking people (and shit) UP! It’s pretty much ON from the moment the movie opens and it manages to maintain that high pace all throughout.

I’ve now watched it several times and I enjoy it as if watching it for the 1st time.

The acting is great; Gal Gadot does a great Wonder Woman.

She is serene, yet motivated, she is thoughtful, yet dedicated, she is the real deal.

She is not some reluctant superhero like Batman, or Iron Man, who doesn’t really want to be a superhero but they kind of have to and because of that they become conflicted and suffer all kinds of personal problems and doubts. Wonder Woman is here to save and protect humanity, all over the planet. She is here to kick ass and take names. She doesn’t go sit and sulk and argue and bicker; she just goes into battle like she means business. I particularly liked that aspect, since I’ve seen way too many superheroes complaining about their life, their loss, their lack of normal life, their fellow superheroes etc.

There is a poster here.


There is a trailer here (you can find more online).

And you can find the movie here, in full HD.


SK Moviez: Wonder Woman.