SK Moviez: The Dark Tower

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As you may have noticed… I’ve not been blogging all that much.

That’s only partly due to the shoulder/back injury. I’ve also been quite busy with work, household, some administrative/bureaucratic stuff… and our holidays. I am on track workwise. I will easily make my end of October deadline, with probably a week to spare. That does mean a shitload of testing, trying and writing next week (which means moderate blogging) but then it should pretty much be done.

I’ve also managed to save quite a bit of money. I therefore booked and paid for a holiday, to Italy, next year May, during my daughter’s holidays. This will be her first trip abroad. I am a strict disciplinarian when it comes to language. If you cannot understand or speak the language of the country you’re going to? And if you cannot speak or understand English? Then you shouldn’t go to any foreign country. My little one understands most English; she’s heard me do my work in English since she was a baby. For some odd reason she didn’t want to speak any English, even though she can. I’ve been introducing her to more and more English speaking colleagues and she’s now quite comfy and talkative in English.

The holidays are a gift. She will get her final report card and diploma sometime in June 2018. She wraps up elementary school in May 2018. She has Halloween and a birthday coming up as well as Sinterklaas, a personal celebration and of course Christmas, so I have been spending money like water. Her mom takes care of Halloween, I pretty much pay for all the rest of it. There are a large number of celebrations and birthdays and such coming up, so I’ve mostly been planning, organizing and obsessing.

I worked for most of the night; the shoulder and back feel okayish now.

I am off to do the Sunday sports so I am keeping it simple today.

There has been a crazy amount of buzz regarding this movie.

It’s based on a book by Stephen King and apparently die hard fans really love the book.

Numerous efforts were undertaken to bring the book to the big screen, but all failed miserably.

Until now?

I am going to let you be the judge.

There is a poster here.


There is a trailer here.

And you can watch the entire movie here.

Please note: this isn’t full HD yet, but will become a full HD copy in the hours/days to come.

SK Movies: The Dark Tower.