SK Moviez: Rogue One (1st HDCAM copy)

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I’ve explained I’m a huge Star Wars fan plenty of times. I’ve been eagerly waiting for Rogue One to hit theaters. The “hype” has been nothing but superlatives, the trailers were absolutely gorgeous and yes… finally… yesterday it hit theaters. I found my 1st HDCAM copy online today.


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Rogue One takes place right before Star Wars: A New Hope. 
A group of criminals/misfits/rebels try to steal the blueprints
 for the Death Star, so that it can (eventually in Star Wars) be destroyed.

It is superb!

A wonderful new addition to the Star Wars Saga.

Felicity Jones is amazing as Jynn Erso, the “leader” of this group of Rebels. We see the band of Rebels assemble, all are misfits, dealing with the Empire (and therefore the Rebellion) for their own reasons. The group comes together and goes on this quest to steal the Death Star plans. The story, the scenery, the way it looks, it’s fantastic. The action is faster and more intense than “normal” Star Wars I would say, but it works. The entire cast is fantastic. It’s a great sci-fi “war”-movie.

I loved the darker, more dirty and gritty look of the movie.

The opening is impressive. The Alliance (the Rebels) discover the Empire is building a weapon. The Death Star. A weapon so powerful it can destroy an entire planet. A criminal, Jynn Erso, is offered a deal by the Alliance. Help us get the plans for that weapon, help us destroy it…… and we set you free. She accepts.

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She sets off on a quest for the Death Star plans and assembles a team of misfits, criminals and rebels along the way. Our gang of Rebels are hardened, tough people. Rebels because there was nothing left. There is some initial infighting, but the circumstances force them to bond as a team and work together.

The entire cast of rebels is great but Jynn Erso is superb. She’s like the strong silent type and absolutely not to be fucked with. Like Rey in The Force Awakens she’s been on her own a long time. Her entire look, the scarf, her demeanour… She’s tough, mean, smart, skilful. She’s terrific.

I am gonna come out and say it: I find her the toughest, strongest, coolest female character in any Star Wars movie ever.

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And did I mention the scarf?

The Empire has pretty much finished up the weapon.

There is a weapon’s test which is just… fuck me !

The rebel alliance feels run and hide is the best option.

Jynn doesn’t.

She and her rag-tag crew become “Rogue One” (flight call-sign) as they steal a cruiser and go after the plans on their own.

Their “rogue” action solidifies the rebel alliance and enters them into their first major battle with the Empire.

An epic battle ensues.

And when I say epic, I +do+ mean epic.

The actual stealing of the plans is a tech’s wet dream.

The ending is to be seen, not talked about.

I loved everything about it.


1st HDTS copy just came out. Sound and video quality is MUCH better.