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For those of you who didn’t see Olympus Has Fallen, I need to backtrack a bit. Olympus is some secret service designation/codeword for the White House. Olympus Has Fallen in this case means: the White House has fallen. It’s the title of a 2013 action movie starring Gerard Butler.

Olympus Has Fallen

A group of (North?) Korean terrorists take over the White House and subsequently its special operations center in the basement. They hold the President and several of his inner circle hostage. His son is somewhere on the loose in the White House. A lot of people die during this takeover. The terrorists roam free throughout the White House while the US Army seals off the area.

An ex-secret service agent (now working for the Treasury Department) watches this attack unfold and decides to help out. As all of the White House protection-staff are killed during the take-over, he also ends up alone wandering the White House. (A bit like Bruce Willis in Die Hard).

As the terrorists negotiate for their demands, our lone hero picks off terrorists, saves the President’s son, finds out the real plans of the terrorists, foils those plans, kills a couple of more of them and in the end saves the day.

As original and exciting as that sounds, Hollywood made a sequel and has in fact recently decided that this is a genuine “threequel”, greenlighting the third movie.

London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen came out in 2015.

The story is similar. The US kills some crazy terrorist by blowing up this huge compound, where apparently there are (wedding?) celebrations going on. Mission successful, another crazy religious nut gets to go to paradise. We then hook up with our hero, Gerard Butler. He is back at the secret-service after his heroics in the 1st movie. The Britsh PM dies suddenly and that means a large state funeral in London.

Right before the funeral, as foreign dignitaries are coming in, everything just goes to shit. Terrorists (a lot of them) dressed like cops and officials begin blowing stuff up, killing people left and right with automatic weapons. “Mike” (Gerard Butler) manages to save the President and escapes the city to a landing zone so the President can be evacuated to safety by helicopter.

Unfortunately the helicopter is shot down. Now Mike and the President have to find their way through “occupied” London, which is devoid of people and swarming with terrorists. They need to make their way to an MI5 or MI6 safehouse. From there the President can then again be evacuated.

Things go wrong at the safehouse. The terrorists manage to get their hands (briefly) on the President. Apparently they want to execute him live on some webcast. Mike (and a team of special operators) manage to rescue the President and kill off the bad guys.

This all sounds rather similar to the 1st movie. To show that our hero has “grown” (as a person, I guess), we learn that his wifey (mostly worried and on the phone in the 1st movie) is now pregnant (and totally absent from the 2nd movie). Oh and Angela Basset (from the 1st movie) dies. She was a close friend of Mike.

My guess is the 3rd movie… Fallen Angel? Or Angel has Fallen? (Maybe Los Angeles?) … well it’ll be more of the same.

I probably could write the plot here…

Oh wait, I just did that, twice!

I don’t like Gerard Butler. I don’t like movies where the President is +in+ the action without actually being the action-hero.

I watched both movies for the opening, the 1st act. In the 1st movie Washington gets shot to bits by this plane with this huge machine-gun. It’s just awesome. And in the 2nd movie … well, London gets blown to bits, while terrorists (dressed as UK cops) mow people down. I used to live there, so whenever London gets damaged? It kind of hurts.