SK Moviez: Godzilla

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Every big movie blockbuster now has to be part of a larger Universe.

We have Marvel, X-Men and DC Comics.

The Mummy will come out soon, which is part of the Dracula universe.

There is of course the expanding Star Wars Universe…

And then there is this. The Monster Universe.

A few weeks ago, Kong: Skull Island came out. It’s the second movie in this Monster Universe.

The first one, of course, was Godzilla.

I highly recommend it.

It’s got action, human drama, great actors, wonderful music and just amazing special effects.

There is a trailer here.

It’s a pretty dark movie, but very watchable, even with young children.

This is an HD 1080p copy.

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SK Moviez: Godzilla

I will do a review of Kong as soon as I get a real high-end copy of that.