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It’s an oldy, but a goody and I think it requires a revival/revisit of sorts.

By that I mean that I am going to rewatch it this morning.

The movie came out way back in 1987; I was 16 years old then.

I had met this girl at basketball. She played for this more posh team, from a more affluent city south of Amsterdam.

We got to talking and I thought we really hit it off.

Later that night I called my coach, who called her coach, who called her to see if I could have her number.

She said yes so we spent the next few days and weeks talking on the phone (when my parents and/or her parents were out). And we hung out at basketball – before and after games on the weekends, since all teams pretty much competed in the same sports arena.

“Did you hear about this movie?” she asked…

She then began to tell me about this absolutely terrifying and terrific movie that was just out.

She told me it was about this guy, married with a kid and dog and all that, who cheats on his wife.

“But with the wrong kind of woman, you know”, she spoke ominously.

“Apparently it’s supposed to be really good”.

I wasn’t a complete idiot, so I asked her out.

Fatal Attraction Poster

Most people will probably have seen it. The movie was a huge success that led to a slew of articles/opinion about men cheating on their wives. Apparently the movie was so scary that men decided to stop their affairs… or enter more of a selection process when cheating. No more quick one night stands with crazy, wild women… since you never know if she’s going to come after you. That’s right “come after you”. The verb “to stalk” had not entered regular parlance back then, so a “stalker” didn’t quite exist (yet), at least not in the Netherlands.

We had a lovely night out, it was my first real time taking a girl to the movies, so it was quite something.

And yes… I remember her name and yes… I behaved like a gentleman.

The movie stars Michael Douglas and Glenn Close.

It’s a terrific thriller.

You can find a trailer here.

In full HD 720p.


SK Moviez: Fatal Attraction.

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