SK Moviez: Dawn Of The Dead (In Memoriam George A. Romero)

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Found it… well… found them actually.

My favourite Zombie movie is ‘Dawn of the Dead”. It originally came out in 1979, but I didn’t see the movie until the early 1990s. There has since been a remake so I am listing both movies here.

A zombie plague wrecks the entire world. A handful of survivors manage to escape the carnage in the inner cities and take refuge inside a large mall, outside of town. They barricade themselves in the mall. They have plenty of food, water and supplies since all the stores inside the mall are fully stocked. Unfortunately they are unable to keep the zombies out, so eventually they have to escape the mall and move even further away to the countryside. Will they succeed? Who will survive?

This is the original 1979 movie poster.

Dawn Of The Dead

And this is the original movie trailer.

This is the trailer of the 2004 remake, where George was a producer.

In the below link, you will find both movies in full HD.


SK Moviez: Dawn Of The Dead.

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