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If you´ve never seen an Alien-movie, none whatsoever?

Then this is your lucky day.

Alien is a movie franchise that began sometime in 1979. I remember my parents going to the original. My grandmother was our babysitter. Me and my kid brother got to stay up late, eat loads of candy and we even got pulled out of bed when my parents came home from the cinema. I recall my mom being in shock, she was visibly shaking. The movie she had seen, she stammered, had an egg of some sort in it and out of the egg came something horrible. It was one of the scariest things she’d ever seen. The next morning, at breakfast, my “explained” the movie to us, with a real hard boiled egg. He kind of cut the top off, and then made this move with his hand as if it came from the egg and then he covered my face with his hand, like a Facehugger. My mom, sitting across from him just gasped and shivered. That movie scared her to death.

did get an Alien comic book, in English, but it would be years before I finally got to see the movie.

I loved it.

To this day I consider it one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Because the movie became such a huge success, numerous sequels were made.

The second one was called Aliens (1986). I went to see it with my brother and grandmother in the cinema. It was fantastic.

After that the movies became less good. Alien 3 (1992) was a bit messy and not nearly as scary. Alien Resurrection (1997) was even more messy.

Both are scary and fun to watch with great effects, action and oneliners, but they don’t hold up to the two originals.

After that Hollywood tried to combine the Predator and Alien franchises into a single franchise: Alien vs. Predator. The movie wasn’t bad, but it was a gargantuan mess. It was a bit like Ancient Aliens, complete with a Pyramid. Apparently Predators have been using humans to breed Aliens for centuries, back when Antarctica was still lush and sunny and green. The movie wasn’t well received by loyal, albeit somewhat older, fans. The sequel to that was called Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. It would mean the end of the experiment. The movie totally sucked and bombed.

Combining Alien and Predator will go down in history as a unique way to destroy two successful movie franchises.

Since that disaster Hollywood has tried to revive and reboot both franchises. Predators came out in 2010 and it has some of the original Predator (1987) feel. The next year saw the release of the long awaited Alien-prequel: Prometheus. I liked Prometheus. The movie looks absolutely stunning. I was a bit disappointed because I had hoped to see aliens and I kinda didn’t. I also didn’t like yet another alien-astronaut type storyline with “engineers” who created life on earth by dumping their DNA in our primordial oceans who also happen to have created some precursor to the aliens. The movie was a mess and received loads of criticism.

This is the second prequel to Alien, the sequel to Prometheus.

As a fan I have eagerly been awaiting this movie.

I blogged extensively about it.

The trailers were absolutely terrific.



In full HD, with retro yellow subtitles.


SK Moviez: Alien: Covenant

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