SK Moviez: 30 Days Of Night

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It doesn’t snow much anymore during winter. We used to have great winters with lots of snow as I recall, but not anymore. I adore snow… to look at. Moving around in it is an absolute nightmare. I’ve seen dozens of images and movies with these gorgeous lodges, somewhere in the middle of of nowhere, covered in snow, surrounded by mountains.

Someplace remote, with pines and an owl and a gorgeous fireplace.

And a stocked kitchen and liquor-cabinet.

Oh, how I’d love to go there.

Snow Lodge

How to get there?

Well that would not only be costly, but also a logistical nightmare. It would require special and therefore expensive transportation. Op top of that it would require special gear, clothing, etc.

It would also take for-fucking-ever. It’s called the “middle of nowhere” for a reason.

I hate travelling long hours.

And I hate travelling with lots of luggage even more.

I also don't like cold.

But still… some gorgeous remote place up snowy mountains speaks to the imagination.

And what would I do once there?

Hang online?

And that’s where that whole dream kind of ends.

There is no way in hell you’d have decent Internet holed up in some (luxurious) wooden lodge with gorgeous fireplace with a stocked kitchen and liquor-cabinet in the middle of nowhere covered in snow surrounded by mountains.

No way in hell.

No Internet Logo

I’d have to bring an HD with loads of movies and music and books. It would be waaaaay too cold to go outside for any significant amount of time. At night there would be the howling of wolves and other scary nature slash animal type sounds.

Realistically I’d be indoors most of the time … offline… with my Chromebook.

That sucks ass and swallows.

It would be like solitary confinement… with limited offline entertainment and a great view.

Snow Icon

(That snowflake looks a bit like a swastika, perhaps I went overboard there).


I love those remote, snowy areas … to look at.

Not to actually visit.


I recently shared a movie set in the middle of nowhere Arctic.

This is another one.

It’s called 30 Days of Night.

It takes place in this exceptionally remote village/hamlet in Northern Alaska. Winter is about to kick in for real and that means – you’ve guessed it: 30 Days of Night.

As in: due to the fact that the Earth is spherical and various laws of physics, certain areas of planet Earth go without daylight or sunlight for extended periods of time during season changes.

In this case, 30 days without any sunlight.

A lot of the town’s residents simply cannot cope with that so they move during this period and take the last plane out. The town’s core inhabitants stay behind.

As they settle in for 30 Days of Night… they get some unexpected and unwelcome visitors.

It’s a very dark and gorey movie. Absolutely not suited for children. But it’s also an absolutely fantastic movie. The trailer does not do it justice, it’s way too action-packed. So don’t watch the trailer, watch the movie instead. The way the story builds up from the beginning and then as it becomes clear what is actually happening will have you at the edge of your seat. It’s an ensemble movie. Various townspeople try to get through these 30 Days together.

Gorgeous scenery, amazing cast, gritty and convincing acting and absolutely terrifying.

It’s also a “genre” movie, but unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


(Click Poster).

30 Days of Night Poster

Apparently the movie was based on a graphic novel. I don’t really read those. But take a look online. There is some really cool and stylish artwork available.