SK Moviez: 2001: A Space Odyssey

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I’ve been considering this idea for a bit.

I am going to do a series of “experiences” of computer-related-movies-that-made-a-lasting impression-for-whatever-reason.

We lived pretty close to this large highschool slash campus like complex when I was younger. They had a “Pirate Cinema” of sorts. Once a week they would show movies (illegally) after school hours, at night. The “students’ who organized this were all nerdy video/audio geeks just as computers were becoming available.  My dad liked video so he knew people and he introduced me to this “gathering” when I was maybe 11-12 or so.

I recall him showing me a yellow flyer that really said: “Piratenbios” (Pirate Cinema) with these odd 1960’s handmade letters. It listed a location (the campus complex) a time and… it had a “feature”.

(You can click on the old movie poster or the link below)

2001: Movie Poster

The yellow flyer didn’t look anything like that. It had this poster sort of printed on it in variations of black. It looked like a Rorschach inkblot, to be honest. My dad explained that this was “an event”, not to be missed, nothing less than “the very best” sci-fi movie of all time… And to see it in this student organized “Piratenbios” would only add to the unique experience that was about to befall me.

My dad dutifully drove me. The entire campus (including parking lot) were abandoned and badly lit. Some kids were hanging around this one building that had a door open, with music and light coming out of it. I crossed the empty parking-lot and walked right in. I was the youngest one there. Most kids there were what I would describe as “provos”. I guess they’d be called “new wave” in the US? Black clothing, black painted hair, lots of wool, ripped jeans and Doc Martins. The cinema was shaped like a half mini-colosseum. The straight half contained the large white wall where the “feature” would shortly follow.

There weren’t that many people there so I found a spot of my own, say mid-ring. Everybody else was at least 5 yrs older. I was immediately approached. Was I new? Yes. My 1st “Piratenbios”? Yes. And did I live around here and was somebody picking me up? Yes. The girl asking smelled really nice. She was at least 15 yrs old with nail-polish and this wild, jet-black hair going in all kinds of directions. She asked if I liked sci-fi movies, how did I find out about the “feature” and of course my age.


“I am almost 14”.

(Spoken with a confident and manly stutter).

The half colosseum had a projection room at the back up high and then a tech-room I guess with lots of cables and such to the side like an emergency exit door down low at the bottom. She motioned me to follow her through into the tech-domain. It was heaven. Monitors, cables, computers, motherboards, just loads and loads of messy tech-stuff. People let me mess around with stuff for a bit and then again my age came up.

“He’s 14”, she said. “It’s ok”.

Tha’s when the marihuana came out. I had smelled it before and I +did+ know what it was but had never gotten stoned… but I was “14” and all so they let me partake (moderately since they were worried about my parents finding out).

It was an odd movie experience. I found it all quite complex. Fascinating sure, but quite complex. I didn’t like the whole monkey no-dialogue beginning. I thought the next bit was too slow. As they travel to Jupiter “and the great beyond” the movie became terrific. The HAL computer was just amazing. The entire design of that spaceship. It was just totally awesome.

The final metaphysical ending left me flabbergasted.

This “feature” is not something to watch when you’re 11 yrs old and very stoned.

Take a look at the trailer in case you don’t believe me.

Now I may have missed the finer points, but one thing was abundantly clear: As humans take on bigger and more complex endeavours, we will become more and more reliant on computers. These computers will therefore become more pervasive, more powerful, faster and more intelligent.

As an adult I’ve only grown to appreciate the “feature” more.

This is my 1st computer-related-movie-that-made-a-lasting-impression.

And you now know for whatever reason.


Piratenbios #1

2001: A Space Odyssey