SK Docs: Shadow World

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This is a wonderful documentary about the international weapons trade.

Shadow World

Inside the Global Arms Trade.

The money, the players, the game.

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It is fantastic.

It has a wonderful collection of speakers, including Jeremy Scahil, Vijay Prashad, Robert Fisk, Lawrence Wilkerson and Chris Hedges (and many more), It doesn’t make use of a narrator but instead lets the story be told through interviews with select speakers, voice-overs from readers and gorgeous (although sometimes gruesome) imagery and music.

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It roughly covers – in a very clever and non-linear way – the period from the 1980s to the Iraq War in 2003.

The National Security state has gone private. 
It dislikes diplomacy. 
It likes weaponry.

It’s disgusting deals all around: Yamama (UK/Saudi Arabia), Iraq (Haliburton), Iran-Contra, South Africa (BAE)… and of course plenty of domestic deals through the revolving door.

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DailyFlix: Shadow World