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I recently did an extensive post, a longread of sorts, on the blame-game and crying phenomenon that took place after Hillary lost the US Presidential Elections. We have a new noun for it, it’s called “Huillary“. Huilen means “to cry”. Within hours of the election, self-styled “left” wing people all went in search of somebody to blame. We expected Hillary to win, she didn’t and now I am offended and confused and angry.

Let’s blame somebody.

Of course the voters themselves were blamed. The ones who voted for Donald Trump are obviously right-wing, white male, racists who all want to return to 1950. The media didn’t really mind that this was the verbatim reason given for the Brexit vote in June 2016. These people are stupid, they don’t know what’s good for them, they voted against their own (our elite) interests. Voters were actually called dumb and uninformed most of the time. They were spoken to, or people spoke about them.

Their actual concerns and aspirations didn’t feature at all.

James Comey was blamed. That dumb FBI director shouldn’t have launched all those investigations into Hillary, so it’s his fault as well. And it’s Bernie Sanders fault. He knew he never had a chance but he launched that popular platform and campaign anyway. Bernie’s supporters are even more to blame: they should have accepted the wheeling and dealing of the DNC and just accepted that Hillary – by entitlement and inheritance – was going to be the new President of the USA.

Julian Assange was blamed. He never should have released all those documents about the Democratic Party. There were various “newsarticles” suggesting WikiLeaks was probably working for the Russians. The Russians? Yes, they were also blamed – since they have all kinds of crazy hackers doing crazy hacker-things.

It was on orgastic explosion of blame, finger-pointing and of course “Huillary”, crying… loads and loads of crying. Poor wounded people who were just unable to cope with what had just happened, the “bad people” had won.

Those dumb, regressive, low-education racists have won.

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Now what makes these “bad people” so “dumb”?

Well… the elites cannot possibly blame the US education system, where real education is simply too expensive for most of the population. Public education is a nightmare and has been for ages. They can also not blame the US media – privately owned by a handful of Wall Street entities. They can also not blame the voting-system itself – it’s a ridiculous system where voting doesn’t make much of a difference except in few key swing-states. They can also not blame the influence of money and donors which have corrupted the US electoral system for decades. And no,  they cannot blame the majority of the electorate which chose not to vote at all.

The entire system is like an entertainment roadshow.

And no… they cannot blame the limits of “debate” in the US either.

These things have all been sheer perfection, just as the Founding Fathers intended.

So who are they gonna blame for all these people voting the wrong way?

Everybody Sucks Poster

Why are they so dumb?

Enter: Fake News.

Fake News is just that, non-truthful news. So let’s say I am a hobbyist and I am a huge fan of UFOs and Aliens and sci-fi and any and all “news” related to that. In my spare time I begin this blog where I just dump articles and snippets of videos all with neat commentary and logos. Just a fun website about something oddball I adore: UFOs and Aliens.

That’s fake news. It’s dangerous. It will misinform people. That can then lead them to vote the “wrong” way.

That seems ridiculous, right?

Let’s do another one.

I am a hobbyist who is heavily into misuse of foundational funds. So I begin this really slick blog, neatly styled about large foundations, their donors and how and where they spend their funds. The website’s focus is on misdeeds.

Well same story.

Nobody needs all that conspiracy-talk. That’s Fake News. It’s dangerous and it will lead to people voting in a way I do not want them to vote.

Both of these websites should be taken down.

Now you cannot just take down a website because you don’t feel the content is high-brow enough. After numerous weeks of “Huillary”-media bombardment however Google and Facebook got the message. Fake News is a menace. As large content-providers they just felt awful about all this Fake News. They had – of course – been meaning to do something about that for ages… since it bothered these socially responsible companies as well.

Mark Zuckerberg even did an interview in a townhall setting of sorts wih a moderator where he shared his thoughts, pain and embarassment regarding all this horrendous Fake News. He looked as if he had lost sleep and appetite over it. He was pale and thin. Under his leadership Facebook, which is connecting the world, will immediately begin a partnership with Google to combat Fake News.

It’s quite something since Facebook and Google’s senior management have hated each other for years. A stance that is being fostered among the staff of both companies as well. Facebook employees view Google pretty much like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates viewed IBM (and later each other).

Fake News is a menace to society. 
It will cause people to vote the wrong way.

Facebook and Google are considering two main methods for accomplishing this:

1.) Dump the content from all search results. There may be cool websites out there about Aliens and the misdeeds of Foundations, but you’re not going to view them. We want you to vote the right way. It’s for your own protection. If the websites in question never show up in any search results? It will be like they don’t exist. Relegated to the void. What harm can they do?

2.) Mark the content with a large red banner that says “FAKE”. Marking things has only gained in popularity ever since the Nazi’s began to mark Jews with the yellow Star of David patch. It serves a similar purpose here. Identify and mark the unwanted content. A setting will then be added to browsers where one can choose to completely block all the marked content, or show it, but with thick red marks over it:

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These two insane ideas are currently being hailed as a major step forward for progressives and forward thinking educated people. The public… the rabble, must be informed through proper channels, with proper “news”. All else is dangerous and must be marked as “fake” or completely “disappeared”. It is seen as lifting the people who voted the “wrong” way out  of their ignorance so they can join us, the enlightened elite, reading sanitized “news” about the Brangelina divorce and then happily flicking through the “lifestyle” and “real-estate” sections of the New York Times.

What can you get in the upper Washington area for 7.3 million dollars? A 4 bathroom 2 storey built in the 1930s?


I feel less “wrong” already.

We are helping them, protecting them from themselves and this horrible Internet with all that abundance of free speech, thought and debate.

Idiocy such as this, hailed by a compliant mainstream media and two of the largest tech companies in the world can be implemented rather switfly.

And it hits close to home.

Metanoia-Films is founded by Scott Noble. Scott is an independent documentary maker. The documentaries are absolutely amazing. I started with one and have since watched them all. They’re all long-format, feature-length documentaries. I would classify them as “modern history” documentaries. They deal with our world as it is and how it got to be that way… by taking a critical look at the post-WWII period, the last 100 years or so and more recently further back to the start of capitalism and the social-rights-movement.

Topics range from labour-rights, to capitalism, propaganda, the ever expanding all pervasive US security state, human rights and much, much more.

(Click on the logo).

Metanoia Logo

The documentaries feature an absolutely gorgeous female voice-over and terrific music.

These are comprehensive documentaries featuring a lot of information from multiple sources.

At the end of each documentary the playlist of all the music is shown. Some I already knew, but yes, worth downloading and playing just for the music itself.

Metanoia films has been making documentaries, crowd-funded, since 2011.

Each documentary is like the painstaking birth of a child. The documentaries are fact-based, historical accounts on various topics of human interest. I would describe the documentaries as objective. Each one features numerous speakers and insights, allowing for multiple points of view. The documentaries are all critical of US domestic and foreign policy from a legal, social justice, human rights perspective.

It is abundantly clear that each documentary has involved a lengthy process of research, fact-checking, seeking expert advise, interviewing specialists and witnesses, scripting and then of course filming and editing. It is evident the makers of these documentaries are what we call “vakidioten” in Dutch. It litterally means profession-idiots – people so dedicated to their particular profession, they’re ruined for anything else.

I particularly like that lady’s voice.

I imagine her sitting in some booth, calmly reading her lines over the soundless images, timing her intonation and breathing.

Combined with the imagery and music, it has a sometimes hypnotizing effect.

Metanoia means “a change of mind” (usually resulting from some form of study, insight or repentance).

And yes for some people out there, these documentaries will change your mind. 

About a lot of things.

Most importantly? The documentaries are all intelligent and informative. I would recommend them for educational purposes, say at the level of highschool (age 15) and above. My daughter is now 11. I’d watch them with her from say age 13-14 or so? She’d be able to understand most of what is happening now, with subtitles, but she’d be bored.

Lengthy documentaries are not for 11 year old teenagers. They’d rather watch Suicide Squad and trash the couch with popcorn and sugary, sticky drinks and fingers. And yes I speak from recent experience.

Metanoia Films releases their documentaries for free. You can watch all of them online. For. Free. You can share the documentaries with friends, organize viewings for a group of people (say a classroom, or senior citizen’s home) – all for free. All of them are available on Youtube, Vimeo (and various other channels) in HD format.

If your English is not so good, I’d recommend Youtube since that means subtitles, which means you get to follow the documentary more.

Will you ever see one of Metanoia’s documentaries on cable TV, on the major US networks, on Netflix or other subscriber-channels?

Banned Icon


The documentaries tackle some horrendous misdeeds in US history and they simply present the “wrong” worldview. The US media is owned by a handful of companies and they rely heavily on other large companies for advertising/imagery/video and government for content and access. Metanoia Films would simply be too “radical” for them. There is zero (0) chance that Metanoia Films will “pollute the airways” – causing low-education, right-wing racists who want to return to 1950 to vote the “wrong” way.

Zero chance.

The great thing about censorship though, is that you can never have enough of it.

I recently received a wonderful email from Scott. I published it as a full article.

Open Letter from Scott Noble – Fake News?

In response to this “Fake News”-drama…

SlimK1nd is proud to feature… a new addition to SlimK1nd Documentaries:

From Metanoia Films comes “Psywar – the real battlefield is the mind” !

Enjoy !

I am going to say it again.

I am very critical of religion, espcially Islam. I am very critical of the EU. That doesn’t make me a dumb, low-educated, right-wing racist who wants to return to 1950. I thoroughly like Metanoia Films. I watch their documentaries regularly. That does not mean I am a dangerous left-wing, anarchist hell-bent on destroying all the banks.

Neither of the above, being critical of Islam, or the EU, or watching Metanoia films puts me in any danger of harming myself, by misinforming myelf, or holding non-mainstream opinions.

It is my right to “inform” myself any fucking way I see fit. Using any and all content I seek to inform myself with.

For some that might mean the real-estate-section of the New York Times.

But not for me.

There is zero chance that I will vote the “wrong” way.

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