SK Docs: Inside The Milky Way

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So how does Slim K1nd fall asleep? Well in the olden days from way back when… I used to fall asleep with the television on. Our television had a button that allowed you to put the TV to “sleep” in 30, 60 or 90 mins. As television got riddled with more and more commercials I switched to late night talk/non-commercial radio. It also had a button which allowed you to program “sleep” in [–.–] minutes and seconds. The seconds option never made much sense to me.

I like to quasi “listen” to something as I doze off. Otherwise I will lie there awake pondering gawd knows what.

Radio gave way to Internet and a Chromebook.

I like to watch a nice documentary with a good voice-over – nothing too violent – and then doze off as its playing. I am blind as a bat. I wear glasses all day so once I take them off I don’t want any more visual input. Besides I am going to sleep, which means my eyes will be closed. So I don’t watch the documentaries, it’s just the voice-over I need and the music etc. If I minimize the browser on my Chromebook as the documentary is playing the display will shut off after 10mins or so, but the audio will keep playing.

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Don’t get me wrong, I adore watching documentaries as well. 

Whenever I view one that has a decent voice-over and sound?

It makes my nightcap-list.

I like all kinds of documentaries, but I am particularly fond of science-documentaries that deal with space, the universe, physics etc.

This is “Inside the Milky Way”.

It’s an HD copy of a wonderful documentary that’s been available on Youtube for ages.

The documentary lets us travel through “our” Milky Way with wonderful special-effects and an amazing voice-over.

Enjoy !