SK Docs: House of Saud: A Family At War

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As fervent readers have noticed: I stopped following the news. I followed it daily for close to a year, just to comment and bitch and moan about it. It was a quite successful experiment.

I discovered that the news is bad for you.

Introducing Stress Reduction: Stop Reading The “News”

It’s important to understand how the world works and to grasp what’s going on in the world… but you don’t need to do this in daily doses.

So no “news”, no politics, no daily market standings, no war, no international relations.


Because it’s depressing.

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I got this great new site that hosts a tremendous amount of HD documentaries.

I encourage everybody to go and take a look, I am sure there will plenty there to satisfy your tastes.

I’ve been browsing the site this weekend and found this wonderful (and depressing eds.) BBC 3-part series on the House of Saud, the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

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SK Docs: The House of Saud: A Family At War.