SK Docs: Can We Take A Joke?

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This is the documentary companion to an article I wrote (in Dutch) called “Huillary“.

It’s a wonderful documentary.

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SK Docs: Can we take a joke?

The answer (quite clearly) is…


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The reason?

We are constantly offended.

I blame education. When I was in school… if somebody called you “foureyes” or “idiot” or “dick”? That was kind of okay. Calling girls names was kind of okay as well as long as you didn’t mention their private parts in your swear-words. Fights were broken up. Both parties were then sent to the principal’s office. If the fight was bad enough? They’d call your parents to take you home for a “cooling off” day. Swearing or screaming at a teacher was okay too. Violence against a teacher led to longer discussions with your parents (one kid threw a chair at a female teacher once).

But all of that has radically changed.

Generations have grown up with “mediation”, “de-escalation talks and exercises” and of course entitlement and identity politics.

My daughter is 11. At her school, she is one of an elite force of “mediators” who are trained in “conflict-resolution”.

Whenever a kid freaks out, kicks something, screams or (yikes!) uses profanity?

They are sat down, with one of those mediators to talk out their problems.

Voice your discomfort.

Use your words.

If they then blame their outburst on some other kid? That kid is then also brought into the mediation.

Blame your parents?

Fine, we’ll give them a call and include them in this “resolution” as well.

This is a school for kids aged 6-12.

I am not making this up.

It’s called “A Peaceful School”.

I am special.
My circumstances are unique.
I get a prize for just participating.
I am beautiful.
Look at me.
I voice my displeasure and/or discomfort

As a result?

They’re easily offended.

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Generation Snowflake with its Khmer Rouge like adherence to politcal correctness is only the first generation to come out of this new education system. Because they largely grew up online, they expect the Internet to reflect their special world as well. The incessant political correctness one sees online with people freaking out over words, tweets, jokes and what have you is a logical concomitant.

Future generations will be worse.

I say all this is harming free speech and expression.

Being offended is something you choose to be.

Grow up and choose something else.