Show Trials! (And Show Tunes, I Hope)

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Turkey is about to stage a series of good old fashioned show trials.

Hundreds of “coup plotters” will be hauled into court.

It promises to be a wonderful show.

Which will make us like Turkey and our own Turkish populations even more.

The Guardian: Moment of reckoning in Turkey as alleged coup plotters go on trial.

Turkish prosecutors are laying the groundwork for large-scale trials of hundreds of people accused of participating in a coup attempt last July, an undertaking that is already transforming society and will be a reckoning of sorts for a nation that has endured much upheaval in recent years. Authorities say the trials will shed light on alleged links between the accused and Fethullah Gülen, an exiled US-based preacher with a vast grassroots network.


The state intelligence agency, the National Intelligence Service (MIT), has sent prosecutors in Ankara a list of 122,000 individuals who allegedly used a secure messaging app, ByLock, which security officials say was widely used by the Gülen network for communications.

Our reporters spoke extensively with people close to these investigations. We learned that some 37,5% of those 122 thousand people like their eggs hard-boiled. Further queries uncovered that 66,4% of those people admitted to wearing jeans on occasion or frequently. This is further proof that they were indeed planning to overthrow the democratically elected government of Turkey.

“It’s called civil death,” said a university professor with a long history of leftist activism and opposition to the Gülenists, but who nevertheless was dismissed from his post after the coup attempt. “The rule of law is in ruins. You’re accused until proven innocent.” The professor has been banned from working in universities in the country, and lost his pension and his academic passport. Asked how Turkish society would be altered by the crackdown, he said he had no easy answer. “This isn’t the country I knew. This is a new Turkey that I don’t know, and it’s getting worse day by day. We are losing our democratic rights, rule of law. Arbitrary measures are regular.”


Are you now or have you ever been … fond of eating hard boiled eggs?

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