Sam Harris: Trumping The World

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Shortly after the 2016 US Presidential Elections.. Sam Harris posted on his blog that he was just “done”. He had tried to debate and explain that the “choice” (between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump) was perhaps not much of a “choice” at all, but a very distinguishable choice for a “lesser evil“. Sam was so much looking forward to Donald Trump losing and disappearing from the media-stage that he posted something like “Farewell Donald” on Twitter on the morning of the elections.

When Trump got elected, Sam said he was just “done”. I tried, it failed. I am going to stay away from politics from now on.

I am very happy to report Sam didn’t.

Trumping The World is an almost 90 minute talk with journalist James Kirchick.

What I (always) find particularly amusing is the thing that doesn’t get discussed. The US (conservative) “right” (just like the “right” everywhere else in the world) has found it harder and harder to get relatively reasonable people to vote for their policies and plans. Sane people tend to accept evolution as a fact and climate-change seems to have a solid scientific foundation as well. It’s getting harder and harder to get informed people to vote against their own interests.

As a result the “right” has has to mobilize sectors of the population that will fall for these “policies”.

After decades of sheer and utter insanity (Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., Baby Bush) they’ve now finally found the “President” they fulwell deserve.

They’re stuck with him.

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