Rise Lazarus, Rise!

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Forgive me the biblical drama.

My Dell Chromebook 13 is back.

It crashed and wouldn’t come back up again for some odd reason.

Battery seemed fine, it simply didn’t boot.

I had it picked up and they checked it. Here’s what they came up with. If you turn off the wireless on your Dell Chromebook 13 (as I had, I was en route) and then do a full shutdown, the thing “may” go into “a deep sleep”. In order for it to boot again, “you need to empty out the entire battery” (which they claim happened as they had it in their shop four days), then replug it in, open it and it’ll boot back up like normal. It sounds like something they made up. Obviously there is no way for me to tell if they opened it up and replaced any hardware. Battery works fine, everything checks out and the powerpack appears to be a new one.

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After hammering away on my old Dell XPS 17 (Windows 10, 4G, Intel i5, 2011 build) for a week?

I loaned it from my ex-wife. The company offered me a new Apple Macbook as a loaner, since they only had crappy Chromebooks.

I refused. And opted for my old machine instead since it’s already set to my preferences and it can sync with my Chrome settings.

Anyway, it’s back (to life) and it’s purring like a kitten.