Resistance Is Futile!

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I went over and beyond on my critique of the Donald-J-Trump-Resistance-Movement.

As Donald J. Trump was taking office, there were a couple of pictures of him signing documents, executive orders and such.

He is surrounded by older, rich, white men.

The government of Sweden decided to show their “resistance” and mock Donald Trump a bit.

Sweden Vs. USA

Needless to say, these brave Swedish, progressive, tolerant and inclusive feminists were hailed as resisters.

Twitter just exploded with joy, praise and support.

Thru their intellect and cunning they showed President Donald J. Trump how a real country works.

And then today there is this.

Swedish Grovelling

The brave, progressive, tolerant and inclusive Swedish feminists were visiting the country and government of Iran.

And all that militant feminism just disappeared.

… as they submitted to the crazy medieval theocratic customs of this Islamic Republic, run by an unelected, infallible, religious zealot called “the Supreme Leader”.

Warning Sign

I am not entirely sure about how they function as the government of Sweden…

... but I would not trust these women online.

Shaking No Emoticon

To make it all even more disappointing.

Sweden took in a huge amount of Syrian refugees since Sweden is all inclusive and progressive and diverse and tolerant.

Since then Sweden has been battling a real rape/sexual assault epidemic by these very same Muslim immigrants/refugees.

It’s been one horror-story after another.

Go and Google, I am not including links to horror-stories here.

But to then go and try to cut business-deals with Iran and cover your head according to Muslim practice?

It seems a bit fake, no?