Raketten en Bommen en Granaten en Shit

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Dit viel te verwachten.

Gisteren vierde Noord Korea “de dag van de Zon”.

Het is de verjaardag van Kim Il Sung, voormalig President en “stichter” van Noord Korea.

Kim Il Sung heeft een hele rits geweldige titels.

Supreme Leader, Heavenly Leader, Eternal President en ga zo maar door.

Het is een soort Koningsdag, maar dan anders.

Ik zie vooral mensen in uniform en wapens.

Washington Post: Here are the missiles North Korea just showed off, one by one.

“The natural reaction is: What the hell is that?” Lewis said of the canister. “Maybe there is a KN-08 inside it, maybe there’s some new missile inside it, or maybe it’s nothing. It’s a mystery.” The second set of “giant” canisters looked similar to those for the Topol-M, the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile, he said. “What’s inside those is a mystery too.”

Wie weet zitten er Panda’s in?

Of paaseieren?

North Korea Propaganda

South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported in January, citing military officials, that North Korea had probably built two ICBMs that were less than 50 feet long. That would make them shorter than the two known ICBMs, which are between 60 and 65 feet long.

“I think this is that,” said Lewis.

You think?

Lewis and his team were not sure about one type of missile that was on show, painted in camouflage and transported on a tank. It could be an extended-range Scud or a Rodong, capable of flying up to 800 miles. But what they were sure about was that the missile had fins on it, meaning that the reentry vehicle on the missile could be controlled on the way down – in other words, the warhead could be maneuvered to hit a target.

If the extended range Scud was a “super Scud,” this is a “super-duper Scud,” said Lewis.

Noord Korea heeft vreselijk veel wapens.

De vraag is alleen: doen ze het allemaal?

Vliegen die raketten echt al die kilometers?

Ik heb daar zo mijn twijfels over.

Zuid Korea is echter vlakbij.

Dat halen ze makkelijk.

En Seoul heeft 11 miljoen inwoners.