OW MY GAWD: A Child With Behavioral Problems Has The Nuclear Codes!

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It seems like each and every day Donald Trump has this odd need to show us, clearly, just how nuts and unfit and unhinged he really is.

I just watched this.

I suggest you grab a beer as you do the same.

I furthermore advise you to make sure you have some painkillers lying nearby.

I will share some of my thoughts.

I am not particularly nationalistic. Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly fine with being Dutch. It’s what it says in my passport. I like the language plenty. But this type of speech, this crazy nationalistic, everybody who is against me is against our nation stuff? It’s just really scary. It’s nationalistic, crazy jingoism and it’s getting worse everyday. The response from the crowd, the constant demonstrations that keep escalating. The US is tearing itself its part. The US media, the US body politic… is driving people just absolutely insane.

And Donald Trump?

He is beyond crazy.

It’s embarrassing to watch.

His feud with the US media is the strangest thing I have ever seen.

He is like a small child with behavioural problems.

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To an extent, yea sure he is somewhat right, the media does give him more shit than any other President before him.

But just let it the fuck go man.

It’s what the media does.

You’re the fucking President of the United States.

Just get on with like, I dunno… running the fucking country?

But this fuckhead just cannot fucking let it go.

He has to go on and on and on.

Tantrum after tantrum.

This child with behavioural problems has the nuclear codes, people.

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At one point… Donald goes ape and keeps going: “I love all of the people”.

Sorry Donald, you only love yourself.