Missioneren: A Microsoft Free Family

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Gisteren was een hele bijzondere dag.

Mijn ex is eindelijk overgestapt naar een Chromebook.

Na 25+ jaar Microsoft Windows zijn we nu een Microsoft Free Family geworden.

Ik blog ook elders, in discussieforums, zo af en toe, over allerlei topics.

Dit is kruisbestuiving.


A family reunited through Chromebooks.

Hi all,

Apologies for being away; I’ve been somewhat busy with work and family.

I didn’t have anything really interesting to report.

Until now…

My ex has been using my last Windows machine. An old Dell XPS17, Windows 10, 4G, i3 core. I had it cleaned and a new fan put in and then kinda stripped it bare. I took everything off, CDROM drivers, office, you name it. My ex doesn’t use any of it. She uses the machine pretty much to consume media, answer some emails and that’s about it. I’ve been begging her to kick that thing to the curb and get a Chromebook, I’ve even offered to pay for a Chromebook… but alas, she simply would not budge and wanted to keep using Firefox and run Windows.

The XPS17 is quite heavy and my ex is lazy, so when she visits she cannot bring the thing over. She therefore borrows my old HP14 Chromebook, 2G, 32bit. It’s an oldy but it works. When visiting here, she can do her stuff and all runs smoothly. At night at home, on that rinky dink Windows machine… stuff it’s just agonizing horror. Hiccups, fan going ape, updates, a gazillion programs running.

Now, she’s a stubborn women, and has a high pain threshold.

I ‘helped’ her get thru a breech birth natural delivery that lasted some 12 hours.

(And felt much longer).

But even the toughest of us, will sometimes simply cave.

She’s been having all kinds of problems with the old Windows machine. She’s been hoarding and loaning the Chromebook for extended periods of time.

She walked in here yesterday.

“I want a Chromebook. It just runs smooth and that machine is driving me crazy”.

I think she made a very brave decision. Admitting you have a problem that you cannot control yourself, admitting you require help is the 1st step to recovery.

It took three (3) LONG years of nagging, cajoling, boasting, teasing and begging….

… and it worked.

New Chromebook should be here in 2-3 days. She asks: “So are you gonna spend hours to install the thing”?

I said no, it takes 5 minutes max.

She looks at me as if I am insane, incredulous.

I explain: The way you login on my old HP Chromebook, yes? You simply login into that one and then all will be running, instantly.

She looks at me wide-eyed and goes: I can immediately do all my normal stuff?

(She’s used to me spending hours installing and debugging her machines and upgrades and stuff since 1995 or so).

So yes, yes you can, just login, let it sync, done, you’re good to go.

So she says – and this hasn’t happened in ages – Well, if that’s true, you open the box, we login and I can go?

Then I am making you apple pie.

Now my ex wife can be a horrendous demon of a woman, she’s also a dear friend and the mother of my daughter. Those are all very important things. But her apple pie making skills are off the charts. She thinks that I did something truly magical and/or technically savvy in the background and that’s the reason why this new Chromebook will just boot up and work. And that’s not the case at all. It’s the way Chrome OS works, which makes it so supercool. Now I could explain that to her, take the time, show her some youtube video. … But after 3 long years of nagging and numerous more years of IT supporting her various Windows machines?

I am am gonna get me some apple pie.

In 2-3 days we become a Microsoft Free Family (MFF), or Microsoft Free Household (MFH). We are looking for a support group to share and unburden our trauma’s as well as heal and grow as a family. We’ve had to endure close to 25 yrs of Microsoft Windows; both at work as well as at home. There were some rough patches. We’ve had some hard times. But I’d say it’s made us stronger. As we leave Windows behind… with the right counselling and faith, I know we will reach closure.