Just chillin’ on a billionaire’s private island, and you?

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I’ve stated elsewhere that the Obama’s are going to be filthy rich (and influential).

His oldest daughter is taking a break-year. She will become an intern for Harvey Weinstein Productions. The producer of – amongst others – Quentin Tarantino’s films. After that she will attend Harvard, after which she hopes to explore a business-career in the entertainment industry. Something tells me – with her name and connections – she will do just that.

The Obama’s went on holiday to Palm Springs.

After that they were Richard Branson’s guests on his private island.

Most news outlets reported this as a cool thing.

Look here is Obama messing about with his filthy rich billionaire friend.

Look here they are kite-surfing around the billionaire’s private island.

Apparently the billionaire challenged President Obama to a match of sorts.

Obama won easily.

All quite newsworthy.

And I’m sure quite ethical and normal.

For a former President to accept such a free holiday at a private island, chumming with some billionaire.

(Richard Branson is one of the many sickeningly rich fuckheads who fumed against #Brexit)

Obama Kite Surfing

Richard Branson is the owner of Virgin, recordlabel, airline and lots of other stuff.

He owns an island – he bought it cheap – which he turned into this gorgeous, exclusive, paradise like resort for exclusive rich fuckheads.

There is a disgusting documentary about it.

Billionaire’s Paradise Inside Necker Island


Well that was all quite horrible.

I actually rewatched this documentary.

We’re told the island is usually rented out in its entirety for 400 thousand pounds a night. Only the super rich can afford that. But not to worry, a few weeks per year, you can rent individual rooms and bungalows for 30 thousand pounds a week. So the regular rich can partake of all this opulence as well.

The staff is encouraged to have drinks and relations with the guests (and/or each other).

It’s all quite bohemian.

We see guests requesting cocktails, but they have to be made and served by “shirtless” staff.

We see another staff-member, “an accountant”, who also had food eaten off her while naked, by rich fuckheads.

We listen to the chef as he relates a horrible drama, where caviar had to be flown in and only just arrived in time to be served to these demanding rich fuckheads.

We see rich people hitting golf-balls from a beach, towards a floating trampoline, trying to hit a person on top of the trampoline (staff).

Of course Richard Branson, the owner, is also a “guest” (even though he lives there).

In fact, he is arguably, the most important guest.

Richard has 2 assistants, both blonde, both very young.

Richard is old-school, he likes to “dictate”.

(Otherwise he would have to type all those emails himself).

One of his assistants used to be a stewardess.

Now she types what Richard says.

The entire thing made me sick to my stomach.

What bothered me the most?

I see white people.

Lots and lots of rich white people.

And entitled staff.

Frolicking and having fun.

… while black people do the hard, manual work, in the scorching sun, making just enough money to get by…

(which some apparently have been doing for decades)

Just the kind of place Obama can relax and let his hair down.


Like I said – he’s got the right kind of friends.