JBL Flip 3 (Bluetooth Speaker)

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JBL Flip 3

Yea, it looks great, doesn’t it?

Sound is fantastic as well.

It’s a bluetooth speaker that works very well with my Chromebook.

Turn it on, the Chromebook recognizes it, connect and done.

From then on it gets recognized automatically.

There are various types of this particular bluetooth speaker.

This is the cheaper model, called JBL Flip 3.

It can get wet, but not actually go under water. Fantastic sound. You can connect and “pair” several of these speakers. I am using one (1) in a relatively small house. I move it from bedroom to living room to kitchen (when I am listening to music). Comes with an app, called JBL connect which allows you to control several of these units. It has an absolutely amazing battery. It charges very rapidly (via USB) and runs for some 10-12 hours, depending on your usage. It also has a voice option (for handsfree calling using your phone).

I am loving this thing.

It’s ideal for smaller houses, smaller rooms.

It neatly fits my minimalist style: single Chromebook, simple speaker.

You can find various videos online and see it in action.