JBL Extreme (Bluetooth Speaker)

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I acquired a more robust bluetooth speaker to attach to my Chromebook.

It is absolutely amazing!

JBL Xtreme

It connects swiftly and effortlessly, it comes with an app and can function as a companion to the JBL Flip 3!

It easily connects to our Chromebooks, to my daughter’s phone.

We use a cable to attach it to our television.

We can cast and stream movies, play our own movies and listen to music.

The speaker neatly fits with our more minimalist approach to media since we switched to Chromebooks and became a Windows-free household.

There are various unboxing and tutorial videos to be found on Youtube.

It’s a bit more expensive for a speaker, but it’s the only speaker you will use once you get it.

It has a handsfree option to use with your phone and it can be paired with a second JBL speaker, providing surround sound.

You can also achieve surround sound by attaching it
 via a cable (RCA or headphone jack) to your television.

(You can then use the internal TV speakers as well as the JBL).