It’s unpleasant

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Things have been absolute madness since President Trump took office last week.

He’s been signing decrees and executive orders all over the place.

Al lot of those orders weren’t received all that well.

He also gave an interview to ABC and later to Sean Hannity from Fox News.

My takeaway?

President Trump wants to bring back black sites (where people can be held without trial and tortured). He’s asked various “experts” to let him know if the US should go back to methods from the George W. Bush-era.

Trump then explains that “torture works”.

He also shares his wisdom on waterboarding.

Being tied down while water is forcibly poured down your throat and nose into your lungs while you slowly suffocate and drown…

… is not torture.

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“It’s unpleasant”.

(Donald J. Trump, January 26 2017, 6 days in office).

Politico: All of Trump’s Executive Orders (so far)

Abortion is murder.

Undocumented immigrants are criminals.

Pipelines are good.

Climate Change is a hoax.

He also promised a huge tax-cut for the rich (trickle-down economics) and of course to expand the US military budget.

That budget – if you count all in – is roughly 1 trillion dollars a year.


He signed an “immigrant” ban of sorts yesterday which caused massive panic in the media and around airports.

A judge has now rescinded some of that order.

People with a valid VISA are allowed to enter the US.

Without a valid VISA you’re likely to be sent back.

There is a ban (90 days) on any and all travellers from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

What happens after those 90 days is unclear.

The US is currently bombing Iraq, Syria, Lybia and Yemen.

The US is involved in covert warfare in Sudan and Somalia.

The US has been ripping Iran to shreds for more than 60 years.

Apparently this “ban” is to make sure radical Islamists don’t enter the USA.

If that is the case…

Then why the fuck isn’t Afghanistan, Pakistan. Egypt or Saudi Arabia on that list?

Meanwhile his picks for cabinet are being vetted.

He has picked Betsy de Vos, a crazy billionaire Protestant religious zealot to head up the Department of Education.

Check this out.

It was my favorite moment this week.

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