How Would You Like Your Eggs? Ehm… Gender Neutral, Please?

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Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

I don’t know what you were doing yesterday? I was obsessing over my glasses. I am severely visually impaired and I broke a pair of my glasses. This concern and discomfort led to frowning and then obsessing and then alcohol for some reason.

I am quite depressed.

Because I missed it.

Emma Watson received an award yesterday.

And not just any award.

She received the world’s first ever gender-neutral award…

for best “actor” be they male, female, gay, straight or anything else.

Who gave her the award?

A small step for Emma Watson… a small step for MTV… but a giant leap… for diversity.

We’re almost there.

Our earthly paradise of bliss and tolerance is one step closer.

Pretty soon we will refer to our children as just that.

My children.

Not my daughter.

Or my son.

Just little people.

Whatever their genitalia might become or interact with.

The Guardian.

The Independent.