How To Defeat The Dragon (or: Towards a framework of left-wing opposition without bitching and whining on Twitter – pamphlet/winter/2017)

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Ever since his election as President it has been raining “think” pieces by various “media” personalities (and celebrities eds.) on “how to defeat Trump”.

The media (and celebrities eds.) predicted Trump would be an absolute disaster. It would lead to World War III, the end of the world. Hillary’s “campaign” was essentially that. “Don’t vote Trump”. Since he took office “resistance” has been quite high. This resistance is mostly gossipy and directed against Donald Trump and his circle of idiots personally. They’re dumb, they say the craziest things, he shook somebody’s hand too long, he hung up on a person, he watches TV, he makes ill-informed and therefore bad decisions… because President Donald J. Trump is “unfit” (read: a crazy person eds.)

This “technique” will not work. This “resistance” will achieve absolutely zero.

And we have proof of this.

It was tried for eighteen months during the US Presidential Elections.

Hillary and “the media” essentially informed the world that Donald J. Trump was a complete and utter psycho.

And they were able to offer proof, audio and video.

Yet, it didn’t work.

And before that – this very same fear mongering – was tried during the #Brexit referendum.

Where it also didn’t work.

We have now firmly entered post-election territory and we are well into the “First 100 Days”.

The US liberals, progressives and what have you have decided to offer “resistance”.

We're still here!

They have decided, or claim they are going to, make President Donald J. Trump’s life, his decisions, his policies, just difficult and miserable.

They are going to “oppose” him and his policies in all kinds of ways.

Here we get the more thoughtful “journalism”.

The “think” pieces are just total and absolute madness.

They just report “stuff that happened”.

Often badly.

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A celebrity can write “Fuck You Trump” on her designer leather-jacket and then tweet that and it’ll be liked and become part of this movement of resistance.

We had a drunk, loud Madonna at a women’s march telling us she wanted “to blow up the White House”.

(Madonna recently bought two new children from Africa eds.)

This same women’s march featured a disorderly and again quite loud “rendition” of a poem called “Nasty Woman” by Ashley Judd.

(Ashley has recently been in the media, she wanted to be a senator, but failed eds.)

It also featured Linda Sarsour, a radical Muslim who likes Sharia law, Hamas, Saudi Arabia and is generally an apologist for Radical Islam.

(Linda has also been in the media recently.

She wanted to “whip” Ayaan Hirshi Ali and “take her vagina away” eds.)

It’s not any real organized resistance, it’s just snippets of media-drivel, blips and bullshit.

It’s mostly celebrity driven, they adore the attention.

Any idiot has-been, B-list, nitwit, recovering addict who tweets anything bad about Trump?

Is now considered a “brave resister”.

This madness was even dragged into the superbowl, which I thought was idiotic.

Anything Trump likes?

We hate.

It doesn’t seem like much of a strategy.

And of course the constant demonizing.

Donald Trump is way too often compared to Hitler and Mussolini – and from a satirical point of view – that can be quite funny.


This is not…. I repeat not… how you are going to defeat Donald Trump…

Your President and Commander-in-Chief…

... or the Dragon in the room.


Dear Americans, dear Europeans,

Here’s my analysis (two (2) cents eds.).

How shall ye defeat this mightiest and most ferocious of all Dragons, ye liberal, progressive, left-wing crusader?

Which Dragon you ask?


Right-Wing Populism, of course !

Now, pay close attention, all you glassy eyed, diverse, ethnically-religious, anarcho-vegetarian, inclusive, tolerant people.

(… and celebrities eds.)

Have you considered left-wing populism, you nitwits?

Because that … is what Bernie Sanders was getting quite close to.

Left Wing Populism.

The themes would largely be the same (oddly enough) as Right Wing Populism.

The banks are corrupt.

Big business cannot be trusted.

Steady, permanent contracts don’t exist anymore.

Labour-rights are out the window.

Healthcare costs keep rising.

Our children are up to their eyeballs in debt.

Our climate is going to hell and it requires immediate action.

Ethnic-religious tension, strive and war is out of control.

Our children cannot get steady, permanent jobs, or income… but will have steady, permanent bills?

The media is total crap.

Identity-politics is fracturing our society.

Social programs are being gutted worldwide.

(In the US: Our Military budget is close to a fucking trillion dollars).

The established political order is riddled with business- and other special interests.

(And in Europe: Brussels is eating away at our rights).

The superrich and multinationals don’t pay their taxes.

Financial crime is not prosecuted.

Inequality is rising dramatically.

Everything we do digitally is being monitored and collected for analysis by government and corporations.

Free speech and expression are under attack.

A specialized class and elite is running pretty much everything.

(Predatory) capitalism is a disaster.

Our celebrities don’t have a fucking clue about any-fucking-thing!

We need immediate and radical change.

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If you utter the wrong combination of the above slogans?

You are a right-wing populist, reactionary, xenophobic, low-educated racist who wants to return to the 1950s.

If you’re a politician?

Well then you are Hitler.

Or like Hitler.

Or like the 1930s.

(Do you remember those 1930s? eds.)

“The left” is clearly not focused on anything people actually care about.


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They bitch and moan about Hitler and the nineteen-thirties (1930s).

And they tweet an abundance of things.

And then generally just bitch and whine and moan about pretty much everything else.

And it’s quite easy to “defeat” President Donald J. Trump.

Bernie Sanders was doing just that.

You can “defeat” President Donald J. Trump by attacking his economic plans.

And keep attacking those.

It would be even better if you had any economic platform of your own, perhaps?

You can “defeat” all right-wing populism, by attacking their economic plans.

Pissing your pants, screaming, crying and holding your breath because 109 people (out of millions) didn’t have a smooth travel-experience because of an ill-rolled out temporary travel-ban achieves absolutely fucking zero. While everybody is just screaming their little hearts out, all crazy worried and concerned and up all night in just dire terror out of fear of what’s going to happen to all these wonderfully integrated, social, amiable, charming Muslim people stranded at the airport, online, eating, safe for the night, his economic plans are just going to breeze through the media… cause massive damage for hundreds of millions of people worldwide and end in some form of new wonderful crash several years down the line.

In Europe the situation will be similar.

Right-Wing Populists will say “[ fill in country ] first” !

(Quite loud and often eds.)

But what that means is “Local big business and industrial partners first”.

It’ll mean less social programs and more perks for business (and the rich).

Less labor-rights.

More privatization.

More police-state.

And it’l mean a shitload of deals between EU big business, banks and Brussels.

(Since that’s how things are done here eds.)

It will mean relaxed tax- and finance-laws and regulations.

And yes… followed by some form of financial disaster further down the line.

Only left-wing populism will defeat that Dragon kids, trust me.

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Has anybody ever really tried Anarchism?

And more importantly?

Have celebrities ever tried it?

Since then… I am sure regular people will like it too.

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Dear celebs, dear left-wing diverse crusader zealots?

Get a fucking clue.

Get on the fucking boat.

People, the world over, are sick of the entire system.

And you’re screaming and fuming about right-wing populism….

....while defending that very same system...
..using celebrities?

For fuck’s sake?

Stop whining about the 1930s and Mussolini and Hitler!

(And put up a real fight eds.)

 Update 13 February, early morning

That went well (sigh).

Last night Meryl Streep received an award from the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT group. She held a long and impassioned speech. It was a defense of how wonderful and plural the United States is, it was full of critique of President Donald J. Trump (of course), but it was mostly about her. She’s become a brave resister.

She talked of “brownshirts“.

That’s Hitler’s SA, or Sturmabteiling. They were the thugs in the streets beating up Jews, Communists, anybody they didn’t like.

They were involved in terrorism, blackmail, fraud, assaults, rapes and even assassinations.

They were also the main perpetrators of the Kristallnacht.

The name brownshirts came from Mussolini’s blackshirts. They changed the name to SturmAbteilung (SA), Stormtroopers.

By the time of the Kristallnacht they had developed into a fully-fledged paramilitary organization that attacked any and all people deemed an enemy of the Nazi regime.

They were later integrated into the German Army, since the SA made Hitler’s Generals nervous.

TIME: Meryl Streep warns of “Brownshirts” in emotional speech against President Trump

I am sure you will be able to find the entire “emotional” speech online somewhere.

So far, I only saw bad copies, as if shot from a phone.

Meryl Streep’s net worth is estimated at seventy-five (75) million dollars.

That’s excluding her real-estate portfolio, of course.

And who knows what she has stashed away offshore.

Her husband is a successful artist and her two daughters are artists/actresses, all are quite wealthy as well.

This super rich, entitled, glamorous, fantastically famous, gifted actress and progressive global celebrity… Meryl Streep…

is genuinely worried about ‘brownshirts’?

(In Beverly Hills, in 2017 eds.)

She explained she feels she has “a target on her forehead”.

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She also made a passionate appeal to “live our lives with God or without Her”.

(A “reporter” explained that this was “a plea for religious freedom and tolerance”).

She also said…

If you are fuming now because you think the government is gonna take away your guns?

Just wait until the government takes away our happiness.

Donald Trump called her "overrated".
(Which made her an instant "brave resister").
I am calling her deranged.

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Call the International Court of Justice.

“The Government” is gonna take away our happiness!


Call the police!

Call somebody!

Help!!! Phone

It’s now 5AM, Monday morning.

I just checked through the blinds?

I see zero, I repeat zero, brownshirts in the streets.
(Maybe they're late? eds.)