Hillary Clinton Joins The Resistance

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Oh wonderful.

Another brave resister.

NYT: Clinton, Denouncing Trump, Calls Herself ‘Part of the Resistance’.

Mrs. Clinton appeared to be enjoying herself as she served up crowd-pleasing lines in a dry and knowing tone. She won a loud ovation from the audience, which included the actress Meryl Streep, when she observed that Mr. Trump seemed irked by the fact that she had won the popular vote by several million ballots.

Oh Meryl Streep?

How is that whole brownshirts thing panning out?

Pressed by Ms. Amanpour to reflect on the campaign, Mrs. Clinton said she took “absolute personal responsibility” for her defeat. But she said she believed she would have won if not for the actions of Russia and a surprise announcement in late October by James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, that the agency was conducting an additional review of emails linked to Mrs. Clinton.

“Absolute personal responsibility”…

But I would have been President if the elections were held 27th of October 2016.

And Putin and the FBI are to blame she eventually lost.

Oh… and sexism, of course.

Mrs. Clinton, who said she believed sexism also played a role in the 2016 campaign, promised she would offer a fuller reflection on it in a book next fall. She said she was working on the manuscript. “It’s a painful process, reliving the campaign,” she said.

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