Het Feministische Model En De Oude Rockster

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Voelt u zich ook zo feministisch?

Ik wel.

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Ik heb net heel feministisch boodschappen gedaan bij de Vomar.

Ik heb zo’n grote, seksistische leverworst gekocht.

Die heb ik net heel feministisch in allerlei plakjes gesneden.

(Met een groot, scherp mes red.)

Een soort penectomy.

NYT: America Made Me a Feminist.

Welk gedeelte van America?
Want America is heel groot?

I used to think the word “feminist” reeked of insecurity. A woman who needed to state that she was equal to a man might as well be shouting that she was smart or brave. If you were, you wouldn’t need to say it. I thought this because back then, I was a Swedish woman. I  was 9 when I first stepped into a Swedish school. Freshly arrived from Czechoslovakia, I was bullied by a boy for being an immigrant. My one friend, a tiny little girl, punched him in the face. I was impressed. In my former country, a bullied girl would tattle or cry. I looked around to see what my new classmates thought of my friend’s feat, but no one seemed to have noticed. It didn’t take long to understand that in Sweden, my power was suddenly equal to a boy’s.

De meeste feministen” beginnen met geweld tegen mannen.

Het heeft iets raars en sadistisch.

In Czechoslovakia, women came home from a long day of work to cook, clean and serve their husbands. In return, those women were cajoled, ignored and occasionally abused, much like domestic animals. But they were mentally unstable domestic animals, like milk cows that could go berserk you if you didn’t know exactly how to handle them. In Sweden, the housekeeping tasks were equally divided. Soon my own father was cleaning and cooking as well. Why? He had divorced my mother and married a Swedish woman.

Ging je vader ook aan de pil?

As high school approached, the boys wanted to kiss us and touch us, and the girls became a group of benevolent queens dispensing favors. The more the boys wanted us, the more powerful we became. When a girl chose to bestow her favors, the lucky boy was envied and celebrated. Slut shaming? What’s a slut?

Ja dat is verwarrend, toen had je nog geen Google.



When I moved to Paris at 15 to work as a model, the first thing that struck me was how differently the men behaved. They opened doors for me, they wanted to pay for my dinner. They seemed to think I was too delicate, or too stupid, to take care of myself. Instead of feeling celebrated, I felt patronized. I claimed my power the way I had learned in Sweden: by being sexuality assertive. But Frenchmen don’t work this way. In discos, I’d set my eye on an attractive stranger, and then dance my way over to let him know he was a chosen one. More often than not, he fled. And when he didn’t run, he asked how much I charged.

Ik ben niet verbaasd.

Je “techniek”… je approach… laat bijzonder veel te wensen over.

En de meeste mannen willen geen sex met minderjarigen.

It wasn’t until I reached the United States, at 18, and fell in love with an American man that I truly had to rearrange my cultural notions. It turned out most of America didn’t think of sex as a healthy habit or a bargaining tool. Instead, it was something secret. If I mentioned masturbation, ears went red. Orgasms? Men made smutty remarks, while women went silent. There was a fine line between the private and the shameful. A former gynecologist spoke of the weather when doing a pelvic exam, as if I were a Victorian maiden who’d rather not know where all my bits were.

Ja dat heb je dan wellicht niet meegekregen toen je aan het snuiven, zuipen en neuken was als model in Parijs. De USA is een extreem puriteins land. Dat komt allemaal door religie. Als je onderzoek doet en je vraagt aan Amerikanen: “Wat is het belangrijkste in je leven”? Dan zegt zo’n 70+ % “my personal relationship with God”. Zo’n zestig (60) procent (%) van de Amerikanen denkt dat de terugkeer van de Messias (en de Apocalypse) “will happen during my lifetime”. Als je nu met je 15e gewoon naar school was gegaan en wat minder bezig was geweest met je uiterlijk had je daar meer van begrepen.

In America, a woman’s body seemed to belong to everybody but herself. Her sexuality belonged to her husband, her opinion of herself belonged to her social circles, and her uterus belonged to the government. She was supposed to be a mother and a lover and a career woman (at a fraction of the pay) while remaining perpetually youthful and slim. In America, important men were desirable. Important women had to be desirable. That got to me.

Dat is vreemd, want de modellenwereld is nu juist een branche waar vrouwen wel meer verdienen dan mannen.

Net als in de porno industrie.

In the Czech Republic, the nicknames for women, whether sweet or bitter, fall into the animal category: little bug, kitten, old cow, swine. In Sweden, women are rulers of the universe. In France, women are dangerous objects to treasure and fear. For better or worse, in those countries, a woman knows her place.

Eh? Whatever?

But the American woman is told she can do anything and then is knocked down the moment she proves it. In adapting myself to my new country, my Swedish woman power began to wilt. I joined the women around me who were struggling to do it all and failing miserably. I now have no choice but to pull the word “feminist” out of the dusty drawer and polish it up.

Ja of schrijf een loze column?
Dat helpt namelijk ook enorm.

My name is Paulina Porizkova, and I am a feminist.

No honey, you're a self-absorbed idiot.
You'll do well in the USA.

Feminisme: School, zoenen, de afwas, disco, seks en modellenwerk. Op haar 18e (in 1984) werd Paulina het eerste model uit de “former Soviet Union” die op de cover van het Swimsuit Issue van Sport’s Illustrated stond. Paulina is getrouwd met Ric Ocasek. Hij is de zanger van the Cars en verliet zijn toenmalige vrouw voor het snuivende, zuipende model uit Tsjechie Zweden Parijs. Rick is zestien (16) jaar ouder dan Paulina. Ze was begin 20 toen ze de (dan al “has been”) rocker tegenkwam en vervolgens diens huwelijk op de klippen liet lopen.

Dat is heul feministisch.

Ik denk dat het komt doordat Paulina’s ouders gingen scheiden toen ze heel jong was en bovendien net was aangekomen in een vreemd land waar de meisjes de jongens in elkaar slaan. Daarna opgroeien zonder vader en jong naar Parijs om vooral door oudere mannen (fotografen, agents) geobjectificeerd te worden. Dat zal ertoe geleid hebben dat ze vooral de affecties van oudere, meer ervaren mannen zocht. En dat is reuze goed gelukt.