Hang the DJ

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I recall when “House” music sort of came out.

There would be these great parties, some DJ played music.

We’d take XTC, dance the night away and then go home and have druggy sex.

As with anything, these parties needed to be commercialized.

First the parties were moved away from cities to bigger venues in the middle of nowhere.

The parties became expensive.

And boring.

The DJs were put up on a stage.

Instead of people just dancing and having a good time, people were now expected to “watch” the DJ “perform” (playing records) as if they were attending some fantastic concert.

Afterwards morons then “debate” which DJ “performed” the best “set”.


The music itself got watered down.

Parties became “shows” and cost a fucking bundle to attend.

DJs became “brands” and subsequently superstars.

Allow me to explain the commercial.

See… the DJ is having her period.

She’s menstruating.

Because DJs menstruate too, y’know?

But… because she has these Always Ultra Sanitary Pads?

She can keep “her head clear” and “focus on the music”.

(As you can clearly see).

Well millennials, you did it.

This commercial is all for you.

You finally hit rock bottom,