Google Family Expansion

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I recently blogged about our Microsoft Free Household. My ex-wife, after years of nagging and cajoling, finally switched to a Chromebook, making us a Microsoft Free Family. After decades of Windows I was just sick of it.

Missioneren: A Microsoft Free Family

What do you get when a family is happy and united and such?

That’s right.


Babies… or more aptly put: family expansion.

I’ve acquired two new Google products: a Samsung Android 7 phone for the little creature and a Google Home Mini. (She got spoiled a bit because of her birthday). We normally have stuff like location tracking, history and remembering our preferences all switched off. So the first thing we did was create a “fake” Google account. This Google account is not attached to our name or regular usage. We then set up the Android phone using that fake (or extra) account. Once the phone is connected to your WiFi, simply plug in the Home Mini and the rest happens automatically. The Home Mini is recognized and you can set up your preferences. It’s been a wonderful experience. We’re based in the Netherlands, so a lot of Home Mini’s functions and features don’t work (only in the US), but then it’s still a great gadget. We can ask it questions, we can ask it to cast movies and documentaries to our large TV, it can play games, keep track of our calendars and play music for us. It’s been very, very, very cool.

The Google Assistant on the phone can work with the Dutch language as well.

So the little one can speak to her phone in English or Dutch.

The Google Home Mini only understands English.

This is my daughter’s first (expensive) Android phone.

I’ve been teaching her how to mind her usage, what not to share, what to avoid etc., all using the fake account and it’s been going very well.

She’s been practicing with both devices (and syncing that with the same fake account I added to her Chromebook) for about 2 months now.

My first impressions are very positive.